Youtube Update From Ryan

The video is an update on why I have removed a good few videos from the official channel for Haunted Scotland & TRIP.

All Ghost Hunters (UK Documentary Series) have been removed along with a few other bits and pieces, which can be found freely around other channels, and which I also shared for the viewers and readers here on Haunted Scotland..

I promise you, these will be replaced with high quality REAL life paranormal location visits, Echovox Sessions and remixed older material that we own.

We have exciting new presentations to release both here, and on Chris Huff’s channel, all 100% genuine and all in a format that should be enjoyable and informative.

If you enjoy all things paranormal, like to know more about the reports, history and, of course, the sessions through “Ghost Voices Research” then please do keep checking back.

http://www.International-Paranormal-Investigators.com Join In The Fun!!

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