Where is the proof?

It’s simply the cry from the sidelines involving those who prefer theories, in-favour of actions or results. It really is very simple to sit in the armchair and proclaim a whole manner of hypothesises, debunking everything in your path without so much as movement, to take action, so as to experience directly.

Usually such ways of operation are preferred by a whole host of members from what I term, Pseudo-Sceptical groups and organisations.

They have absolutely no desire, nor passion, to get up off their backside and enter into the areas that they wish to discredit, ridicule or poke fun at. They thrive on the debates, using pseudo intellectual sound-bites and common conditioned phrases, from their peers they admire and adore.

You see, rather than being true to oneself and exploring reality, at its fullest, by gaining experiences and new ways of thinking, they prefer to mimic those they deem more intelligent, and thus, join the gentleman’s club of naysayers and enlightened materialists.

Remember, these people attempt to use intellect that does not exist within their own mind, it is second-hand information theorised by others, but feels good to them and allows them to indulge in visions of grandeur above those they wish to belittle.

Unfortunately, it’s all false, and said people really are lost within their own thoughts while contemplating out-with their group of peers. More to be pitied than scorned, and when you view it from this angle, you can not help but feel sorry for them.

The problem being though, is that a massive percentage of the general public hang on every word they utter. Completely conned into the belief that these people are some way more intellectual and fact based due to the language they use, the body language they adopt and the cool sounding theories they formulate.

I am here to burst one bubble though, in order that people can understand the flaws in one area.

When we hear those magical sceptical words “Prove it” or even the cry “Where is the proof” we have to sit back in awe and understand that these people do not understand something pretty significant, this research is evidence based.

Not even science, through the scientific model, use definite answers and proof. Most will not likely know this, they use evidence and theories and build models of probabilities and possibilities. They also prepare to move with flexibility as more data becomes evident.

Only mathematics and alcohol deal with proof, the rest of us deal with evidence both circumstantial and direct.

So for example, in the case of paranormal research and observations, as is the case here at Haunted Scotland, we provide evidence to support our hypothesis both circumstantial and direct. Assumptions are always played out, heck science make one about the big-bang, so its pretty comfortable using such for part of this research, with evidence to back up such but ALWAYS allowing breathing space to move position.

No one is ever proving anything I have to advise, if science will not do it, why are pseudo-sceptics demanding researchers do. Never feel pressured to prove anything, just lay out the pieces of evidence you have that point to a possibility or probability and leave it as is.

The only people who are going to have problems with such are the aforementioned group of naysayers. They will use catchy phrases such as “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” and I am here to cry CLAPTRAP…..

Normal evidence both circumstantial and direct are sufficient enough in all areas of life, including the mysteries, and any claims to the contrary is misleading and gamesmanship to win arguments. Rather than accept pieces of evidence that contradict their mindset, they move the goal posts demanding more than required so as to protect their invested belief system.

So to all paranormal researchers, hobbyists and members of the public with a deep interest. Carry on piecing together your normal evidence that points towards your hypothesis, and completely ignore those who are not remotely as intelligent as they believe they are.

They are a waste of time and resources, not to forget, they never look for data on their own and demand things be served on plates to them, which in turn, they wish to dissect using non-scientific means and pseudo-sceptical approaches that are akin to fundamentalist religious mindsets.

All in all, a waste of time and trying to put you off track as you are challenging their mindset. If you are pestered with such, it means you are on track with your work and can smile at the attention.

Onwards and upwards my dear paranormal friends,

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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3 thoughts on “Where is the proof?”

  1. “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge” – I think that sums up pseudo sceptics quite well.

  2. Very well put Cormac, you are, of course, spot on!! Time to understand that in this area, we generally know very little and can only place pieces of information and evidence to point to our hypothesis and ideas. If the mentioned groups of people feel they are above such, they have a massive enemy within their own heads.

    Thanks Buddy! 🙂

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