What Causes Sudden Paranormal Activity

It can almost be seen as more mysterious than the mystery itself; the sudden flare-up of paranormal activity in the house, business or historical location. Where we have relative peace and harmony one day, then the next, we are faced with a whole host of unexplainable events that leaves one scratching their head.

One such cause, that has long been established in paranormal circles, is that of building renovations and improvements coinciding with the release of non-physical energy and thus, some hair-raising occurrences.

Why this is, we have no absolute conclusive reasons, more a mix-match of possibilities, probabilities and personal hypothesises. Nevertheless, the amount of cases reported that mimic this type of activity, certainly points to the fact that renovations and improvements are the key fundamental.

I know of numerous local cases where the actual building work was followed by all sorts of mysterious activity that had no logical nor rational explanation. The sceptics can never explain it, actually they hide from such cases and pick off those with easier means of explanation, and those willing to believe anything, never think fully on the why, just the WOW of it!

Usually all activity can be traced back to a spark, a key moment that caused the release of such energy whether that be a sentient spirit or a non-physical replay of an emotional event.

The why exactly, is harder to determine.

For example, if we are speaking of a sentient spirit, then we could speculate on their lack of love for the work being undertaken on their previous home, business or historical location. That is pretty straight forward in my eyes!

On the flip side, the why in regards to a replay of an emotional event, much like the playing of a video tape, is much more difficult to understand and formulate solid thoughts on. As with anything in the paranormal genre, we can only hypothesise then attempt to test the said stance with field work.

What is certain though, is that building work releases both these types of energy, and you can ask anyone who has experienced such, and you will soon discover that this is all very real and not the product of over-active imaginations as some wish to have you

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One such instance that intrigues and frustrates me equally is Rosslyn Chapel…..

Major conservation projects have been evident at the location over the last 16 years, with repeated attempts by myself over 7 years of that to gain access to research this wonderful location.

Each and every time, I have been politely rejected by the trust, which I assume is representative of the family who own the location to this date. This is frustrating as I can imagine that strange activity has been in full swing over the time frame of the renovations at Rosslyn Chapel.

My purpose and aim is to report to the public all strange activity in the areas I operate within. This location certainly falls in that bracket, and I think the public interest in such is great, but we can not gain information in this area due to lack of ability to wander the location to conduct non intrusive research.

If this is for religious reasons, I am even greater bemused, the search for sentient spiritual activity in a place to worship a non-physical creator, would go hand in hand as we try to understand the non-physical spirit world.

Who knows, maybe films like Ghost-Busters have painted serious research as anything but.

Regardless, the point being is that the building work most likely saw a sharp rise in reports of activity that could not be explained in the rational way, that most of society are accustomed too.

Such information has however made it into the local press on occasion, one such instance is the following piece:

FLEMINGTON, N.J. (AP) – May 1, 2006 – Some who work in the Hunterdon County Courthouse in Flemington say the ghost of Bruno Hauptmann is flipping on the courthouse’s lights each night.

The peculiar happenings have been going on since renovations started months ago to make the courthouse look like it did in 1935, when Hauptmann was convicted there of kidnapping and killing the toddler son of Charles Lindbergh.
“It’s Hauptmann’s ghost,” county Administrator Cindy Yard said.

But county architect Frank Bell says the courthouse’s new electricity system is the likely culprit.

The renovation included sensors that shut off the lights when no one is in those areas of the building.

“These are infrared sensors and it’s a very sensitive system,” that reacts when air currents shift from a heating or cooling system starting up, Bell said.

Source: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?secti … id=4131594

Now of course, we may go with the alternative theories and blame things on sensitive equipment and the like, but much like the sceptical societies needing evidence for claims of activity, I personally need likewise for some of the suggestions given by those who think they know what causes such activity. Fair is fair after-all and we must make sure goal-posts remain firm!

I like all the facts before making conclusions.

In the end, it’s long been reported that such building work has been responsible for activity, releasing energies that impact on our reality, this goes back in time and pre-dates the fancy equipment of the day.

So next time you are looking for reasons, trace back to what has been undertaken before. Can you find a connection between home improvements, for example, and the start of the mysterious goings on?

Maybe you work in a large historical building that has been improved lately, and coincidentally, a sharp rise in strangeness ensued.

Finally, if you have any problems at all and need to speak with someone, maybe locally you have a possible haunting and wish it to be checking out for some sort of solution, then get in contact and we can see what may be done to help.

There is no charge if you are wondering, this is research and study and not a money-making business.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

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