Wemyss Caves | In Search Of Mary Sibbald Teaser

Wemyss Caves | In Search Of Mary Sibbald Teaser

Wemyss CavesWemyss Caves are not only mysterious due to their age, past visitors and inhabitants, but they also have a paranormal nature that not everyone knows about.

Wemyss Caves are said to be haunted by various spirits such as Mary Sibbald and Green Jean.

This is a little teaser trailer from our In Search Of Mary Sibbald video that is currently under construction. Real paranormal stories, real paranormal activity and the real stories behind the paranormal tales told right here in Scotland, at Wemyss Caves.

This area is extremely historical and must be treated with the utmost respect due to such, if you do visit here, please ensure you remove all your rubbish and do not graffiti. Better still, take a tour HERE

Let us know what you think so far WITH THE VIDEO; we are putting extra work into this one for everyone……

Real Paranormal stories | In Search Of Mary Sibbald Teaser Video 1

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