[VIDEO] The Old Temple Kirk | Seat Of The Knights Templars

[VIDEO] The Old Temple Kirk | Seat Of The Knights Templars

[VIDEO] The Old Temple Kirk | Seat Of The Knights Templars This was the principal seat of the Knights Templars in Scotland with a history going back to that of King David I (Reigned April or May 1124 – 24 May 1153) It’s The Old Temple Kirk, In Midlothian.

I find it entirely strange that such a prominent Scottish location with regards to the Knights Templar is not more known to the public. Afterall, this was their principal seat.

Many seem to bypass this location for the more favoured Rosslyn Chapel which really is not far from here at all.

On this visit, it was about gathering the visual documentation along with various Echovox recordings and plain audio work for possibility of EVP’s

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The Old Temple Kirk | Seat Of The Knights Templars

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