Tranent House – Activity

Tranent is a small traditional mining town which is located just nine miles east of Edinburgh, sitting in the east Lothian region. In the 13th century, mining began here, when the Lord of Tranent granted various areas to the monks of Newbattle.

We also have the infamous “Massacre of Tranent” where miners resisted the 1797 Militia Act and as a consequence many were shot dead.

Tranent today is a fantastic small town with thriving businesses and fantastic eateries in the many local catering establishments.

This was the location for a private house Investigation; an email was received from a member of the public in relation to strange occurrences. By no-means was there any fear felt by the members of the household, more a curiosity as to what was actually happening and if a logical explanation could be found.

Reported Activity

  • Knocking Heard On Wall
  • Door Rattles At Various Times
  • Kettle Switches Itself On
  • Various Small Unexplainable Events


Historical research was conducted after the Investigation by Ryan O’Neill. He looked into he brief history of the town and any connections between the mediumistic impressions and the history of the area.

Evidence review was conducted by various team members; Andrea Byrne was responsible for building the client and organisational copies of Investigation material.

The Investigation

We arrived at this location just before 8pm on Friday 25th May 2007 and were greeted by the client. We were Introduced to various members of the household and given a brief description of the activity witnessed, this enabled us to build a plan of action, for the set up of this particular Investigation while causing minimum disturbance to the occupants of the house.

We were notified that the bedroom door rattles while the client is in bed at night, so we decided to set up the full DVR system and position one of the IR’s at the door outside to monitor proceedings. In addition, we positioned a Dictaphone & Datalogger at the same area so-as to record the environmental conditions and hopefully capture any unusual activity.

The other IR cameras were set up in the living room and hallway watching a specific wall from both sides that allegedly knocks and had been witnessed by the clients on a plethora of occasions. We again positioned Dictaphone & Data logger so we could monitor the conditions at the said area.

Andie Byrne monitored the DVR System from the base room which was constructed in the Kitchen.

On review of the material, we were unfortunately unable to pick up the knocking at this time. It most likely would need further sessions to fully explore this witnessed activity, rarely does one Investigation confirm anything.

The door handle on the other hand, we have managed to capture. We were lucky enough to witness first hand this occurrence. There were two noticeable events here, the first being Mary filming the inside of the room with the client, she asked for anyone in the area to move the handle. She got her wish, we captured on various equipment the door rattling and the handle moving.

The second was under similar conditions whereas the activity got louder the more we paid attention. It was in shorter bursts, this was successfully captured on all recording devices.

The area was thoroughly checked by all Investigators for any natural possibilities or conditions such as drafts, loose floorboards or dodgy door-frames. We found no rational explanation for this and have marked it as unexplained.

There was no other strange activity picked up during this Investigation.

Sometimes things happen that we can not explain and we have to fully accept that. This is something that worries some people who are very much left brained, who need explanations and to be in control from what they term, a rational logical standpoint.

This house in Tranent certainly has activity evident, not only reported by multiple witnesses, but confirmed by a team of able Investigators who were lucky enough to witness it on site.

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