Torwood Castle LIVE

Torwood Castle LIVE – ITC Spirit Communication

Torwood Castle LIVE – ITC Spirit Communication

Torwood Castle LIVEWe Return to Torwood Castle to conduct a Facebook Spirit Box Session Live for all our friends and followers who have joined us on the Journey.

Torwood Castle is situated near the village of Torwood, central Scotland. It has been estimated as being built around the mid 1500 for Sir Alexander Forrester. It was once the seat of powerful Royal serving Clan Forrester. 

Torwood Castle was built by the Lords Forrester, who supplied the Crown with timber and were in charge of royal hunting areas in Scotland. 

Paranormal Activity

The Castle, although not listed as haunted in the usual places online or in publications, Torwood Castle LIVEis no doubt active with spirit. The current curator has experienced many occurrences at this location, shadows, noises, chatting and the feeling of being watched. 

Scottish Paranormal has conducted two investigations here and on both sessions have had direct experiences that can be listed as unexplained. These coincide with the experiences listed by Gary the Curator. 

We have also collected some of the best ITC Captures gathered here, thoroughly appropriately analysed to ensure quality captures were listed properly. Such is the quality of the work and results it has inspired other enthusiasts to visit this location and conduct their own sessions. 

Below You Will Find Both The Raw Live Stream & Highlights Video From Torwood Castle.

Raw Live Stream – Replay

This is a Highlight Video of that above Stream where we gain some stunning communication and activity for all to see. We may follow up with fully analysed files as we feel we are only scratching the surface with this video.

Spirit Box Session Live | Return To Torwood

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