Tom Campbell’s Excellent Work

While things may look a little quiet on the exterior here, you will be glad to know that behind the scenes things are moving along nicely with great depths researched. I have recently found myself engrossed in the work of Tom Campbell, physicist and excellent author of the work “My Big TOE” which dives to depths far past my understanding thus far on reality and conscious evolution.  To this date, I have watched Tom give numerous talks on his magnificent Youtube channel, I have easily watched in excess of 15 hours of video and it’s been an eye-opening experience.

Tom Campbell has researched altered states of consciousness for over 40 years and worked with the well-known Bob Monroe, where he was instrumental in helping in the creation of the Monroe laboratory for the study of consciousness. Let’s be clear here, this is a very able scientist who has clearly come to conclusions with regards to our consciousness and abilities within this reality. I cannot possibly go in-depth on his work, like Tom will tell you, you need to go and watch his Calgary videos to get a basic understanding but what a treat you would be in for. Let’s just say, he blew my socks off and had me in deep contemplation about the grand scheme of things, and his philosophy has managed to pull together all science, religions and even the paranormal (which really only means beyond normal). As he says, when you look at the paranormal from this new perspective it’s really just normal, it’s our main stream science that’s failed to see the beyond and no wonder…they do approach from a physical materialist standpoint while trying to Investigate and determine a non-physical subject. If it’s not physically recordable and recreated they wrongly proclaim that it does not exist.

Here we have Tom’s Channel for your perusal – http://www.youtube.com/user/twcjr44

Let me know what you think, does it answer some questions for you and do you have any questions or criticisms.

Personally, I’m suggesting everyone check out the work of Tom Campbell but to stay open-minded yet sceptical and critical in thinking. Open to everything and attached to nothing as the good Dr Wayne Dyer suggests, this way you will get the most out of his work.

They say reality is stranger than fiction; I am beginning to think so 🙂

Tom Campbell’s Websitehttps://www.my-big-toe.com/index.php/home-2

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