Spooky Abandoned Hospital | Thornton Fever Hospital Haunted

Thornton Fever Hospital Haunted

Thornton Fever Hospital HauntedVideo tour of this Spooky Abandoned Hospital at Thornton, in Fife.

Ex-Fever Hospital -- among other things -- and listed building now in ruins.

Real Ghost stories, experiences and research survives from this place still.

Strathore Fever Hospital, in Thornton, I first Investigated for unexplained activity more than 10 years ago in 2005.

There’s certainly a strange atmosphere here, one witness who stayed close by reported Thornton Fever Hospital Hauntedthe feeling of being watched while he walked his dogs.

He also captured a few strange photographs and was very in-tune with the buildings, being in his backyard.

Many paranormal groups have since looked at this location, with a plethora of claims made.

Could a big part be due to the psychological aspect of an eerie looking abandoned building? I certainly got spooked on this one and my own senses suggested that something much more strange was under-way.

I’ve researched the paranormal for over 10 years -- in every known location within this country -- but admittedly, these old buildings are by far the most eerie and unsettling areas I’ve wandered.

Far much more so than Bangour Village Hospital or other likewise locations.

Please do enjoy this video….

Creepiest Places In Scotland & Haunted - Fife Fever Hospital

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