The Red Castle Of Lunan

The Red Castle Of Lunan

The Red Castle Of Lunan 1The Red Castle of Lunan stands on high ground overlooking Lunan Bay, on the North Sea coast. Immediately to the north of the Castle is the mouth of the Lunan Water, with the hamlet of Lunan beyond.

The earliest structure on the site was built for King William the Lion – in the late twelfth century – to repel Viking invasions at Lunan Bay. William would even take up residence here whilst on hunting expeditions.

The castle is referred to as rubeum castrum (Latin for Red Castle) in the deeds of 1286, referring to its red sandstone, which was typical of this area.

It’s said that the ghost of Cardinal Beaton haunts the area – however mostly concentrated in the nearby Ethie Castle – Beaton’s ghost is no stranger to this part of Scotland.

Why is his spirit so frequently seen at a multitude of locations is the question. Could it be due to his gruesome death?

Cardinal Beaton was murdered, corpse mutilated, and left hanging from St Andrews castle window you see. Such an awful untimely death may be the catalyst for his wanderings in the afterlife, as he seeks to find peace.

The prime suspects for this dastardly deed were Norman Leslie, master of Rothes, and William Kirkcaldy of Grange.

The Red Castle Of Lunan 2Could his spirit be walking the earth unable to rest in peace, or are we seeing a replay of energy from a time long gone.

What will we uncover – if anything – from our audio session at this location, and would we encounter the Cardinal Beaton in communication from the other side.

In the mean time, please do enjoy this short location video from The Red Castle Of Lunan, and keep checking back for our picture article from the same location.

The Red Castle of Lunan

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