The Ragged School – Edinburgh

This location sits in an area so famous that it beggars belief that it had not come onto the radar of anyone, that is until myself and a few colleagues Investigated the building back in the 2006/7 era.

Not only were we the first to get access to this long forgotten treasure of intrigue and genuine spookiness, it had also not been opened to the public in over 100 years. Well, certainly not the upper floors.

Staff at the adjoining Camera Obscura, world of illusion [not a James Randi in sight] used the bottom two floors of the Ragged School as a storage facility, but no one ever dared to go above this area.

Reports were varied, but the overwhelming consensus was that something not-too-right was transpiring in this old historical building above them.

Feelings of unease, various sounds from the areas where no one should be, and a genuine feeling of being watched was evident.

Every staff member I had spoke with, were in agreement, this location needed to be researched, observed and fully investigated.

Lets me be upfront here, when I was asked to come look at this location by Andrew, the manager of the Camera Obscura, I like Andrew, was not expecting a great deal to happen.

Andrew always fondly referred to the location as his beautiful yet dusty old building, and he was as surprised as me when we encountered very strange activity on our first visit, which further prompted me in bringing in the guys from Ghost Hunters International (GHI) after long discussion with Barry Fitzgerald.

You see, rarely do we find a location locked away like a time capsule, which has not had its fair share of researchers tirelessly observing and recording the atmosphere.

Even more so, a very humble man like Andrew who was as shocked as me at the attention gained.

A few quotes I made to the national Scottish paper, The Scotsman, at the time captured my thoughts….

“It was a bit dusty but really it was quite clean. And it was a lovely sunny afternoon,” says Ryan O’Neill, founder of Scottish Paranormal. “But once you got upstairs it was quite strange, quite eerie.”
Ryan says: “On the footage we have, we have a breath which comes into the camcorder – it’s right next to the microphone. It was eerie, especially as there were no investigators there at that time.”
The usual types of capture were evident during that initial visit with temperature drops on the recording devices, sounds of chairs moving across the floor [remember this is an old school] when there were no such pieces furniture – or even people – in said areas.

Then there was the sound of a rather spooky breath – right into the camcorder – For physical data, which is not easy to come by, it was pretty astonishing.

Andrew had said at the time:

“I will be going along to see what goes on in the investigations at the Ragged School. Even here in the Camera Obscura building, we’ve had eerie things happen. One of our cleaners once saw a lady in a brown dress which really spooked her. In one room, a workman just wouldn’t go into it. He just felt it was oppressive and scary.

So by the sounds of it, even the Camera Obscura has activity which may be emanating from the School building.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, did we Investigate the Camera Obscura too, and the answer is YES. That is for another report though.

I have extensive files here from the last 10 years of research and within them I have a fair amount of data and material form this location.

Allow me time to go through and release some of these files in the future, so please do continue to check back. Remember to ensure you subscribe to the website for continued material.

Check our testimonials page for information on what Andrew thought of our work.

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