The Provand’s Lordship

The Provand’s Lordship, in Glasgow, is a medieval-period historic house museum located at Castle Street, in the shadow of the Glasgow Cathedral and the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Provand’s Lordship was built in 1471 as part of St Nicholas’s Hospital by Andrew Muirhead, Bishop of Glasgow. The Provand’s Lordship was likely to have been used to house clergy, and other support staff of the Cathedral, providing temporary housing.

Most of the remaining medieval buildings, surrounding the Cathedral and hospital, were demolished by the 20th centuries. In 1978, the building was offered to the City Of Glasgow by the Provand’s Lordship Society. Today the house is furnished with a collection of seventeenth-century Scottish furniture donated by Sir William Burrell.

The Provand’s Lordship is no stranger to paranormal activity, particularly, the kitchen area which is alleged to be haunted by the ghost of a lady who was a cook. The activity is said to stem from her great dislike, to having her space intruded by all and sundry. One only has to look towards the great (In my eyes) Gordon Ramsay for a display of such behaviour, chefs do not like their space invaded for sure.

I have personally visited this location, and well aware of the various vigils that have been undertaken by great people like Mark Turner at GhostFinders Scotland. Such have not let people down, the sounds of horse-drawn vehicles outside and knocks and bangs on the doors have been evident, to say the least.

The excellent Scottish psychic, David Wells, includes this building in a list of one of Scotland’s spookiest locations. He said:

I could hear horses outside.

There were sounds of a door being battered on and there was a huge rush of energy. I had a strong feeling that this was a house where important historical decisions had been made.

I remember there was a female ghost loitering about who was cross. I think she was a cook and was very vocal. She was working away on her own and didn’t really want us to be there.


I have felt the atmosphere at this location, I am well aware of the paranormal reports and not surprised that such a historical building is witness to the mentioned phenomena.

One of many jewels in the Scottish paranormal crown.

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“medieval-period historic house museum located at Castle Street, in the shadow of the Glasgow Cathedral and the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.”

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