The Old Grey Lady In Fife

The Old Grey Lady In Fife

Here Ally shares his expereince as a young lad in the county of Fife, Scotland. Who was the The Old Grey Lady In Fife?

“With so many experiences to choose from the one that stands out for me was when I must have been about 12 or 13 years old. I was out playing with my friend’s, boys being boys, we would venture out to places we should not have been. (In fact, I still do this now !).

My Brush With The Old Grey Lady In Fife

I was down the back of the church where I lived; it was a cold, clear and fresh night. My friends and I had split up temporarily as I decided to be brave and go down the back path around down past the church! Believe it or not, it was also Halloween of all nights.

As I approached the main road where I said I would meet my friends, I saw who at the time I thought was my friend Chris standing behind an old large oak tree. As I approached to within arm’s length, i asked what are you doing standing here?

I looked up and seen him further along the road I then realised this was not him but an old lady in a tartan skirt with white silver hair neatly tied back. I cannot remember what her top half clothing looked like, but she was greyish white and misty just standing there observing me, stood close to the tree.

I said sorry I thought you were someone else.

The Old Grey Lady Vanishes

I turned my back moved forward ever so slightly, and Chris came along as he had seen me, we turned back, and I said did you see that old lady over there? He said what old lady?

The one there behind that tree she was of course gone by this time it was virtually impossible for her to have moved anywhere never mind out of site! All in the basis of split seconds.

I didn’t think much of it until I got home that night, my mother said why are you so white and drained looking! You look like you have seen a ghost! It was at that point the penny dropped, I realised I had seen and just spoken to a full body apparition of an elderly lady.

No One Believed Me

Many who I told, and it was not many, didn’t believe me and perhaps the fact it was Halloween. Was my mind playing tricks on me? Was it an illusion? Why was it Halloween of all nights? Is it because of the veil between our world and theirs is at its thinnest?

One thing that is for sure, I saw something with my own eyes that evening, and it’s stuck with me more than many for some reason. So as my initial question goes! What was your first experience or encounter that you believed may have been paranormal or unexplained? That you could not rationalise! Simple that one thing that really sticks out more than the others.

Ally R – Fife. – Ghost Stories


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