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The Haunted Woods & Cave | What Did We Encounter?

The Haunted Woods & Cave

The Haunted WoodsThe Haunted Woods & Green Jeans Cave or ‘Green Jeanie’s Cave’ is situated on the Fife coastal path in West Wemyss. Only a stone throw away from Scottish Paranormal HQ.

Sitting below Wemyss Castle the cave is given its name from the legend of Green Jean.

She is believed to be possibly an early family member of the Wemyss family. The story goes that shortly before a death in the family, a green lady would appear before the family and passers-by.

Her ghost is said to be seen not only in the Castle but also In these caves given the name green Jean’s cave!

Paranormal Activity

Local reports given to us are that of a wandering monk who not only makes himself The Haunted Woodsknown in the wood but also in the village at times too.

The Green apparition of Jean, possibly Jean Lindsay, accused of deceit against Mary Sibbald that ultimately caused her death is also seen.

Incidentally, Mary is said to wander the local East Wemyss Caves.

Does Jean walk this area?

Or as mentioned before, is Green Jean, a historic family member of the Wemyss family who comes back to forewarn a death?

Possible spirit animals are reported in the area while others say Feelings of Sacrifice, Rituals, Witch & Druid connections are felt.

As we went deeper into location, towards the alleged Haunted Cave, Something was trying to draw up deeper into the wood; we partially followed it in before retreating back to Green Jeans Cave.

Let’s watch some of the Highlights Video and then LIVE Stream Footage…

Haunted Forest Sounds & Voices | Live Paranormal Session

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