Leap Castle

The Haunted Leap Castle Of Ireland | What Did We Encounter?

The Haunted Leap Castle

The Haunted Leap CastleThe Haunted Leap Castle Tour in 2019 was part of the Scottish Paranormal Road Trip (Ireland) series.

We recap 2019 as the end of the year begins to approach here at Scottish Paranormal.

First up we have the Leap Castle Tour from earlier in the year. We travelled across Ireland in search of her many spirits and energies.

We spent the night in Leap Castle with Rick McCallum of Hollywood Ghost Hunters, Tommy & Eileen and the full SP Team.

Road Trip Series

The following information and video are part of our 2019 recap series. We will look back The Haunted Leap Castleon an astonishing year of amazing locations.

Spirit communication and evidence gathering have featured heavily, and we have many more European adventures that we would love you to join us on, so please do continue to check back.

Leap Castle & The Paranormal


The Haunted Leap CastleA Red Lady ghost is reported to walk the halls holding a dagger at Leap Castle.

Due to these type of reports, The castle has been subject to many visits by paranormal investigators.

ABC Family’s Scariest Places on Earth and Living TV’s Most Haunted, which Scottish Paranormal Investigator Ryan O’Neill has worked closely with in the past have visited here.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) from Syfy’s Ghost Hunters has also featured here with our close friend and fantastic researcher Barry Fitzgerald helping to host them.

Most recently in August 2014, Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures filmed their tenth season Halloween special at the castle.

An evil elemental spirit allegedly haunts the castle referred to only as “It”. The castle describes itself as “the world’s most haunted castle.”

Scottish Paranormal conducted an Investigation and filmed at Leap Castle in March 2019 as part of the road trip series.

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