The Haunted Hellfire Club

The Haunted Hellfire Club | What Did We Encounter

The Haunted Hellfire Club

The Haunted Hellfire Club
Joe King [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]
The Haunted Hellfire Club, in Dublin, Is situated on Montpelier Hill. It’s a burnt-out ruined building on the summit with stunning views of the Irish City Of Dublin.

The best-known Hellfire club story is that of the Devil himself appearing. A stranger joined the club members for a game of cards. At some point, one of the players dropped a card on the floor. As he bent down to pick up the card, he noticed that the stranger had cloven hooves. The Haunted Hellfire Club never fails to amaze!

Another tale is that of a farmer, curious to find out what went on at the club meetings on The Haunted Hellfire Clubthe spooky hill. Climbing up Montpelier Hill one night, he was ushered in by the members of the club and allowed to witness the rituals. He was found the next morning, terrified. He spent the rest of his life unable to speak; unable even to remember his own name.

During our visit, some of us were shocked to find tightness and soreness in the head area. This lasted for the duration of the stay and eased as we left. Someone suggested that a man was shot in the head as he took part in a dual with another, could we have intuitively felt his pain? Were we picking up on his condition of passing?

The following video is part of our 2019 recap series. We will look back on an astonishing year of amazing locations. This Road Trip was our Irish adventure in Spring 2019 and included several locations.


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