We are spirits playing at evolution of consciousness

We are spirits

We Are SpiritThe fringes of paranormal exploration and research is my preferred place of operation. Out of mainstream research sight, and deep within my mind formulating ideas on the paranormal subject.

Always looking to find more information – and putting practices into action – rather than relentlessly just talking about them.

If you think people working in the paranormal field are far out, you should peek into my thinking, that will seriously twist your brain in a multitude of directions.


I’ve learnt a very serious lesson these past 10 years in this passionate hobby of mine, I know next to nothing about the true nature of reality or ‘exactly’ what happens to us when we die.

It’s not an easy thing to come to terms with the above, when you spend a rather large proportion of your free time in contemplation, and taking action on location. People want answers, sometimes I just do not have them, certainly not set in stone resolutions.

Neither does Science for that matter, they speak about evidence and never proof, they operate with workable models and probabilities, but never set in stone absolutes.

Actually, keep that in mind for the next time you are asked for proof of an experience, from an over zealous self-proclaimed sceptic.

So thinking about how little I do know gives creative licence to expand my thinking, and build new models of what may be a possibility. Flexibility is key, open-mind is key, and so is the ability to accept that you may be wrong 99% of the time.

My goodness though, it’s exciting, and mentally stimulating where the possibilities are in fact endless.

An example is Consciousness, Virtual realities, and the link in to the paranormal…deep I know, but so interesting!

Are We Playing at Conscious Evolution

Take the Evolution Of Consciousness for example, WOW, now that can really blow the mind when you dig deep and begin thinking in such directions.

How about the prospect of life being a virtual reality simulation, much in the same way as “The Sims” or other virtual worlds we play regularly online, anyone with a Facebook account will know exactly what I speak of.

Just wrap your mind around the possibility that life is one massive virtual game, and when your character dies, you are back in the REAL world, the place the hologram is being projected from.

Do you think the above is far-fetched and the words of a delusional writer?Science Testing

Well actually, it’s becoming more and more an accepted probability in some scientific circles, with only the hard-headed fundamentalist materialists refusing to let go of their old held beliefs.

Go search it out with a Google session, you will be pleasantly surprised how fast this one is moving forward and making perfect sense. It actually helps explain many of the big questions in regards to a whole host of unexplainable world occurrences and mystical practices.

I will put my neck on the line and even claim that the ancients had this discovered, maybe not in the same terminology as our great minds today, but nevertheless, they had it sussed.

You and I have been conditioned to think that we are at the peak of evolution today

We Are Conditioned By Society

Surround-yourself-with-positive-peopleSee, you and I have been conditioned to think that we are at the peak of evolution today, the pinnacle of thought and problem solving, and that those of the past were in some way more silly than us with greater superstition tendencies.

This comes from some of our authority figures who will have you believe things such as the pyramids built by slaves using primitive tools. The evidence actually contradicts such to an embarrassing level, but unfortunately, if you do not seek you will not hear of it.

It’s the big secrets that no media or authoritative person will discuss with the masses. I mean, we can not even build them today with the technology we posses, that’s a scary yet exiting thought.

People look up to – without question – media experts, sceptical organisations, and people with letters after their names. This is problematic in the extreme, most are running from pure guess-work and personal hypothesis – and a touch of bias – with the key ingredient of personal experience and knowing missing.

An open mind, critical analysis of EVERYONE – yes even those so-called experts – and an indulgence personally to find out for oneself is needed.

Does Our Consciousness Run in Cycles

I would like to suggest that life runs in cycles much like the seasons and a whole plethora of other instances, both on earth, and in the cosmos.

Our consciousness rises and falls and the outer symptom can be seen in great past civilisations who mimic this movement. Much like our psyche

Whether it was Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome or the next great powers to collapse, we can see this in what is left of our actual true history.

This is the crux of the matter, you are consciousness having a physical experience, so am I and so are those spirits – obviously without the physical aspect – that we cross on our paranormal travels.

Ghosts and Hauntings are an extremely fascinating topic, and very much real for the witnesses. These instances can be explained under the umbrella of the above topic with even further of a rabbit hole to descend. This I find extremely exciting, hence my reason of covering it right here at Haunted Scotland.

Remember, and a key aspect of this short article too, we are consciousness experiencing ourselves and our projected reality. The spirits we come across on location are also consciousness without the physical aspect, but with full awareness and more.

We are spirits – We are consciousness – We are pure awareness

Keep coming back as we explore the nature of reality and consciousness more deeply, continue to share visits to haunted locations, and begin massive discussions and deep thinking into the big questions such as “Why Are We Here” and “The Meaning Of Life”

Life is not as dull as people are trying to lead you to believe. I only ask for an Open-Mind and a real sceptical approach – not pseudo-sceptical – that has you questioning everything and believing nothing.

Till next time, think deep!! 🙂

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration


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