Welcome to the testimonial page for the work of Haunted Scotland owner Ryan O’Neill. Below you will find testimonials received from the best ghost tours Scotland has to offer, top attractions, and event participants for work done under the stewardship of Ryan. Whether this be with IPI, Scottish Paranormal or Haunted Scotland, you will find them all here. Personal testimonials from readers or visitors are welcome, so please send yours in to our contact page.

Only testimonials received while Ryan was organising, coordinating, and directing projects Best Ghost Tours Scotlandare included. Any testimonials received while Ryan was not the steward of organisations are not included for obvious reasons.

It’s important that only relevant information in relation to the work Ryan created, and coordinated, is added to make sure high integrity is met and clear indications of his abilities within the field evident.

We have been delighted to work with Scottish Paranormal’s team of investigators.

Scottish Paranormal were great to deal with: nice people, very professional, most accommodating and bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help us discover more about our historic premises.  Also their close contact with the media and their enthusiasm for our scruffy old (and historic) premises meant they brought very good publicity to us.  The investigation was a sell out.  The PR was far better than anticipated with three film crews plus Evening News coverage.  In addition they found a lot of paranormal activity in different areas of the building which we had little idea about before.

Andrew Johnson,
Camera Obscura and World of Illusions
Castlehill, The Royal Mile,  Edinburgh EH1 2ND
T: 0131 226 37090131 226 3709  F: 0131 225 4239


We have enjoyed a successful and continued relationship with Scottish Paranormal and found them to be an incredibly competent organisation. We have worked closely together for many years co-hosting special events within Ghost Fest which, due to their engaging and highly professional approach, has increased the profile of the Blair Street Vaults with some startling findings along the way!”

Claire Palmer
Blair Street Vaults
Mercat Tours
The Real Mary King’s Close have worked with Scottish Paranormal on many occasions over the last three years, including on many events as part of Mary King’s Ghost Fest, and have always found them to be a fun and professional group of investigators to work with.  The immensely popular Paranormal Investigations that have been held during Ghost Fest are accessible for all visitors whether they are new to the paranormal world or keen followers of the subject.  This is a great reflection of their passion.

On a PR and Marketing level, they are always on hand to provide advice and knowledge to myself and are great supporters of Mary King’s Close.

Lisa Helsby
Marketing Executive

The Real Mary King’s Close
2 Warriston’s Close
High Street
t. 0131 225 06700131 225 0670

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