Tantallon Castle

Tantallon Castle is a semi-ruined mid-14th-century fortress, east of North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland. It sits upon a promontory, opposite the Bass Rock, looking out onto the Firth of Forth. The last medieval curtain wall castle to be constructed in Scotland, Tantallon Castle comprises a single wall blocking off the headland, with the other three sides naturally protected by sea cliffs.

In March 2009, psychology professor Richard Wiseman released a photograph taken at Tantallon, which appeared to show a figure standing behind railings in a wall opening. The image, taken in May 2008 and sent to Wiseman as part of a research project, was described in The Times as showing a “courtly figure dressed in a ruff”. Wiseman stated that no costumed guides were present at Tantallon, and that three photographic experts have confirmed that the image had not been manipulated. A second photo, taken 30 years earlier, and showing a different figure in a similar location, was printed in The Scotsman a few days later.

31st August 2013

This was always going to be on the list [to visit], a fantastic location with plenty of talking points, especially that of the photograph mentioned above. One thing that can not be done by Haunted Scotland, is verification that the photo is paranormal regardless of Mr Wiseman’s additional information. There are too many variables and we thus, must, take it as is at present.

One thing that will be knocked on the head, is a previous conversation and assumption made by a sceptic from a long gone organisation. He claimed that the photograph was the result of the stone work and light, which can now be proven as false.

One notable situation that has arisen from this location, while visiting, was the atmosphere within the pit-prison. Not only had it caused my wife to be ill and to leave the area, but it also caused the same type of feelings within myself (Ryan) at a separate time.

What will the audio devices reveal from this area?

In the mean time, while we get-to-work on analysing all the audio, please do enjoy the video clip of the visit and the plethora of photographs.

Rest assured, over the coming week, we will release any further findings from the devices and in further data in regards to the history or associated research.

“Haunted Scotland visits!!”

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