Deep Down Mary Kings Close

As I rearranged the trigger experiment – Items set up in the hope of capturing paranormal movement and thus some evidence of activity – an overwhelming feeling of dread moved over me like a cloud in a gathering storm.

You see, I was situated at the bottom of the famous Mary Kings Close in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. I was separated from my team members, which included excellent people, such as Fiona Williamson, Ewan Irvine, and a few other very able people in the paranormal arena. It was late, a very dark night, the attraction had also closed for business…..

It was always a rush to get kicked off for the night, we were on limited time after-all, and so much had to be done.

The mediumistic members – such as Fiona & Ewan – would do their meditation and protection work while I scampered around setting up trigger objects, beam alarms, and room detectors, before we officially began our search for paranormal activity.

The team varied in those days, many more members were present, and each one of them got busy, the work ethic was high I have to say, and every one of us loved our paranormal observations with passion.

There were those times when you found yourself alone, as mentioned previously, and it really goes without saying that these were frightening episodes, especially if you over-thought exactly where you were and what you were doing.

So as I bend over the equipment, down in the Chesney house, ensuring the objects are perfectly aligned, the data loggers are operational, and the camcorders are running, the dread hits me……

I’m in the same room that alarms have been triggered by unseen forces, high levels of electromagnetic energy has fluctuated for no apparent reason, and various bumps, footsteps next door, and a plethora of other small subjective experiences have been evident.

These thoughts rush through my head like a stream of data – or actually more like a waterfall of visions – and I have to purposefully calm myself down and lower my anticipation.

Yes, I am in one of the most active areas of Mary Kings Close alone after-hours and in the dark. However, I think about my team members close by, those passionate people who can both communicate with spirit, and search out the small details of the non-physical with excellent accuracy.

You see, I have spent around 3 to 4 years conducting research, events, and small media sessions in this fantastic location. It truly is a stunning place and is one of the few large locations that has not been done to death (pardon the pun) on the investigative side of things.

I believe this has allowed the location to keep a steady atmosphere, as natural as possible, and perfect conditions for non-physical activity to manifest. In addition, since you are not allowed to take flash-photography on tours, this allows the energies of the place to remain perfect. Christopher Huff, experienced researcher and published author, would agree with this angle. He has already hypothesised that the flash photography, among others things, may in fact harm the possibilities of energies manifesting.

Speaking of atmosphere, there was no-better on one particular occasion when around 5 members of the team – which included myself – were down in Chesney’s House at the end of our observations. It was time to depart the close, and must have been pushing 1am, when footsteps clearly walked through the room next door.

We all looked around the door, expecting to see the cheery location staff coming to tell us time up. What we saw was more frightening….NOTHING!!

The footsteps had approached us all, that is without question, but no one was there. It truly was one of those spooky moments!

Incidentally, while locked into deep discussion with my colleague Mark Turner – GhostFinders Scotland & Ghost Events Scotland – we have realised that the activity we have independently gained over the years matches perfectly – especially audio captures – in this same area of the close.

So much so, in the upcoming visit that takes place on Saturday 6th December with Ghost Events Scotland, we will put the area to the test with enhanced audio capture techniques using Echovox, and regular audio capture devices.

There are many tales from the close that could be recited here, many reports from the public or fellow researchers alike. The place is generally haunted, that is for sure, and I have absolutely no qualms about going on record to say so.

I have heard all the hypothetical suggestions about Infra-sound and EMF fields, but I stand firm in my conclusions here. Some have even took devices in to recreate such fields and show how they affect us, it is genuine what they do but one thing is pretty evident...those same devices are not there when we are, whether myself doing research or standard daily tours taking in the history of the place.

Make no mistake, Mary Kings Close has provided well above the level I require, a plethora of activity that is not of this physical reality, that is for sure.

Enjoy these videos, and please do check back after this weekend for some fresh new material form this amazing location in Scotland.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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