Could you have Paranormal Activity in your house?

Paranormal Activity in your house? Rupert Sheldrake explains in the following video why phenomena, classified as paranormal activity by most people, is not supernatural, but natural. Before we watch this I would like to add a short pierce of information. Activity – not including spirit & poltergeist – is perfectly normal phenomena that we have …

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Past life proof? Ohio family convinced son lived another life as a woman

Do you believe in past lives? An Ohio boy’s family says they didn’t, until little Luke started sharing specific details. He spoke about living another life, in a different city as a woman who suffered a horrific death. We see countless stories such as this from around the world, and regardless of what the naysayers …

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Is James Randi a Pseudo-Sceptic?

Some flock to him as if he is some type of critical-thinking saviour, much in the same way as fundamentalist religious types will swarm around statues, scriptures or the feet of their own likewise saviour. Can we really class Mr Randi as a true sceptic though?  

Millionaire CEO has NDE

What happens when a millionaire CEO & financial guru has a near death experience? When in physical life, you have all you can dream of, successful career, with the sky being the limit in to which you can soar. Would it make the difference to how you thought about life or how you felt about …

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Interview on Ancient Mysteries

Graham Hancock discusses his views on the following topics: 1 – Precession of the equinoxes 2 – Bringers of wisdom from the Heavens 3 – Monuments aligning to 10,500BC 4 – What happened in 10,500BC? 5 – The Mystery of the Pyramids

Near Death Experiences – Reflections Back and Beyond Documentary

Video of Near Death Experiences – Reflections Back and Beyond Documentary produced by Kings and Little Men (KLM), several near death experiencers including Amirah Hall share their personal stories of their near-death experience. Hear about what caused their near death experiences and how their lives have changed. http://www.amirahhall.com

This Morning – Ghost Photos

This Morning is a British daytime television programme broadcast on ITV. As of September 2011, its main presenters are Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, and Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, with various other presenters standing in for illness or contributing to sections of the programme. The show was devised by Granada Television and was first …

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Ghost of Tantallon Castle

A very interesting ghost photo taken in may 2008 at Tantallon castle, it captures a figure in period dress wearing a ruff gazing out of the window at the ruined castle. Thanks to GhostWatching for the upload

Ghosts of Skye

Skye or the Isle of Skye (/skaɪ/; Scottish Gaelic: An t-Eilean Sgitheanach or Eilean a’ Cheò) is the largest and most northerly large island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. The island’s peninsulas radiate from a mountainous centre dominated by the Cuillins, the rocky slopes of which provide some of the most dramatic mountain scenery …

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