So Am I Researching?

The question on everyone’s lips just now and something actually flooding in my direction daily,  do I still research the paranormal and where have I been in the last few years. I was astonished to hear some thought I was still heavily involved, working under the radar in the past 3 years. I am not …

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Your Experiences Crush Theory!

Everyone has their own story or tale to tell and many have had direct experience of situations that can not be easily explained by those who proclaim to be in the know. We live in a world where hypocrisy is rife and unfortunate, within the field of paranormal research, the overly cynical bunch have it …

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Spiritual Voices Caught On Audio Device

Have you personally discovered the phenomena of spiritual voices caught on audio device? actually, I may get my knuckles wrapped for my assumption just now as some have already come up with other thoughts but hey, its my article so I may as well indulge my ideas and thinking along with you the reader! So …

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So Are They Real

Its obvious that if you are already on the site here that you will have some type of interest in spirit/ghost hauntings which is a small part of the umbrella that is the paranormal. You will have gathered that Haunted Scotland is more biased toward research, observation and investigation of hauntings and does not cover …

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Residual Activity Spark!

Personally, I have a lot of thoughts and hypothesises with regards to the paranormal, with most being formed through many a discussion with other great minds from within the paranormal community. I am open enough to admit that on entering the field I had zero knowledge of what I was getting myself into, the basic …

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