Linlithgow Palace Haunting | Video

Linlithgow Palace Haunting Video

Linlithgow Palace Haunting videoLinlithgow Palace was one of the main residences for Scotland’s monarchs from the 15th century.

However, after Scotland’s monarchs left for England in 1603, the palace was scarcely used, and then was subject to a burn out in 1746.

Situated 15 miles from the capital city of Edinburgh, Scotland, in a strategic supply line between Stirling Castle & Edinburgh Castle.

Queen Margaret’s Tower at the top of one of the stair towers, is said to be haunted by Mary of Guise, waiting for the return of her husband, James V.

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Could you have Paranormal Activity in your house?

Paranormal Activity in your house?

Paranormal Activity in your house? Rupert Sheldrake explains in the following video why phenomena, classified as paranormal activity by most people, is not supernatural, but natural.

Before we watch this I would like to add a short pierce of information.

Activity – not including spirit & poltergeist – is perfectly normal phenomena that we have data on after full studies.

Just because we’ve not seen it on the mainstream news, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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Past life proof? Ohio family convinced son lived another life as a woman

LukeDo you believe in past lives? An Ohio boy’s family says they didn’t, until little Luke started sharing specific details. He spoke about living another life, in a different city as a woman who suffered a horrific death.

We see countless stories such as this from around the world, and regardless of what the naysayers try to enlighten us with, the accounts of these witnesses can not be explained away with the usual rhetoric. Watch the story of Little Luke…..

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Russell Brand – Spiritually Awakened Man

Admittedly, many years back when he first hit our screens – as part of the Big Brother series – I was not a fan of Russell Brand, and failed to see what the fuss was over his on-screen work. However, over the last couple of years, my mind as changed on Russell, as I see his spiritual philosophies match many of my own deep held thoughts.

Here is a fantastic video with such, and something I felt compelled to share here at Haunted Scotland. After-all, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and my work here touches on that very spiritual aspect.

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RAF Dunholme Lodge

The following is a video created by our colleague – and co-coordinator of TRIP – Mr Christopher Huff! The video is part of the ongoing research into Haunted RAF Airfields by the published author.

The Airfield of RAF Dunholme Lodge was constructed on farmland to the south-west of the village of Welton, and immediately west of the Dunholme Lodge estate buildings, during 1942. It had the usual three surfaced runways and 36 heavy bomber dispersals, most on the south and west sides around the perimeter track.

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5TH Dimension – Near Death Experience (Documentary)

Haunted Scotland revisits the topic of Near-Death Experiences, with this fantastic Youtube inclusion from Peter Svoboda. So called experts have continued to say that these instances, of touching the afterlife, are a product of a dying brain – regardless of the contradicting evidence and information – but we beg to differ, as overwhelming amounts of people continue to come forward with this new perspective on life and death.

We have seen enough data here at Haunted Scotland, and through past work leading Scottish Paranormal along with joint ventures with others in the field, to suggest that life is far more mysterious than suggested by society and it’s elevated experts.

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Video: Haunted RAF Kelstern by Chris Huff

The following is a video created by our colleague – and co-coordinator of TRIP – Mr Christopher Huff! The video is part of the ongoing research into Haunted RAF Airfields by the published author.

Located only four miles from both Binbrook and Ludford Magna airfields on the Lincolnshire Wolds, Kelstern was a half a mile north-east of a First World War night landing ground established in 1917 near Mill Farm. Intended as a refuge for No.33 Squadron Zeppelin hunters running low on fuel, it was little used, the RAF departing in March 1919

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Culross Abbey

Haunted Culross Abbey

Culross AbbeyCulross Abbey is a fine example of a former Cistercian Abbey in Culross. It was headed by the Abbot or Commendator of Culross.

It’s still used as the local parish church by the Church of Scotland.

The abbey was founded in 1217 by Malcolm I, and was first colonised by monks from the Kinloss Abbey.

Culross may have been chosen to establish an abbey because this was the birthplace of Saint Mungo.

It is evident that the abbey was built over the earlier Pictish church – supposedly founded by Saint Serf in the 6th century – as witnessed by the presence in the ruined Cistercian church of early medieval carved stones.

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Ghost Voices: Echovox Application Settings

Echovox is a phone application that works in a similar way to the Spirit-box, possibly allowing non-physical energies to manipulate the sounds and words loaded on the application.

In this video, I have answered the questions, I am asked by other testers and people with an interest.


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Near death experiences explained?

The link to the BBC article is: Near-death experiences are ‘electrical surge in dying brain’BBC

The record set straight in this very informative creation by Derezzed83

Uploaded by derezzed83 on Youtube

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