The Return To Mary Kings Close

After an absence of 7 years from active research down Mary Kings Close, I returned with Mark Turner to coördinate a night of paranormal exploration with members of the public. The purpose was to allow the public to fully experience any possible paranormal activity, by a whole host of ways from spiritual practices through to equipment based techniques.

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Ghost Events Scotland: The Real Mary Kings Close [Echovox]

On the 6th December 2014, Ghost Events Scotland took members of the public underground in Edinburgh, to the famous Mary Kings Close. In this video, you will hear captured audio from the Echovox Session, along with a peek at some of the rooms from within the visitor attraction.

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Deep Down Mary Kings Close

As I rearranged the trigger experiment – Items set up in the hope of capturing paranormal movement and thus some evidence of activity – an overwhelming feeling of dread moved over me like a cloud in a gathering storm.

You see, I was situated at the bottom of the famous Mary Kings Close in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. I was separated from my team members, which included excellent people, such as Fiona Williamson, Ewan Irvine, and a few other very able people in the paranormal arena. It was late, a very dark night, the attraction had also closed for business…..

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Video: The Ghosts of Mary Kings Close

For years, the hidden Closes of Old Town Edinburgh have been shrouded in myths and mysteries, with blood curdling tales of ghosts and murders, and of plague victims being walled up and left to die. Research and archaeological evidence have revealed a truer story, rooted in fact and – as is so often the case – more fascinating than any amount of fiction.

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The Reality Behind The REAL Mary Kings Close

It’s certainly easy to forget the reality behind the paranormal stories, when we cast an eye at the many reportedly haunted locations within Scotland. The Real Mary Kings Close, situated at present day Warriston’s Close, High Street, in Edinburgh is no exception.

As someone who has worked extensively on the paranormal side of the topic, down in the award-winning attraction, over a period of three or more years. I can certainly hold my hands up in forgetting just how sad the historical aspect is, often I would be immersed in protocols for Investigating or conducting paranormal themed events during the many festivals or holidays.

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Photographs Down The Close

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Mary Kings Close – EVP

Thought to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland, The Real Mary King’s Close has appeared on Living TV’s Most Haunted twice and more recently the Sci-Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters International.

Haunted Scotland owner Ryan O’Neill worked down the close over a 3 year period gathering all types of data. He was instrumental in setting up the Ghost Hunters International visit witnessed on Sci-Fi by liaison between Pilgrim Films and head office at MKC.

In this video we hear the most strangest EVP captured in the close. The voice was actually heard physically and not just on recorder, ruling out stray radio waves as critics have pointed out on many captures to suit their own scepticism. It was 100% verified at the time to be unexplained as the place was in full lock down with only a few members down there. Truly stunning!