Is This Freddy Jacksons Ghost

Is this Freddy Jacksons Ghost? Air Mechanic Freddy Jackson met his untimely death in 1919. He was killed in a rather gruesome accident, walking into an aeroplane propeller. This intriguing photograph – taken in 1919 – was first published by Sir Victor Goddard, a retired R.A.F. officer around 1975. The photograph is of a group …

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[Experience] Activity When Not Searching

Between the years of 2010 & 2012, I took a little break from paranormal research and Investigation. I had a fair few other topics I was heavily searching into which I felt were so much larger than the continued searching for spirit on location. These topics ranged from historical information about the afterlife, right through …

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Castle Menzies: Ghost Events Scotland

Castle Menzies is a spectacular sixteenth century castle which was restored by the Menzies Clan Society. This has been the Seat of the Chiefs of Clan Menzies for over 400 years and importantly situated, it was involved in the turbulent history of the Highlands. Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Stuart Pretender to the throne, rested for …

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[video] The Pearce Institute, Glasgow

There have been many reports of past paranormal activity at The Pearce Institute in Glasgow. The apparition of a ghostly woman has been witnessed walking across the foyer for example. Lights have been reported in and around the location, as well as a tap that switches on by itself. The presence of a man has …

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NDE: Heart Stopped For 45 Minutes

40-year-old Ruby Graupera-Cassimir was about to be pronounced dead after after 45 minutes with no pulse. She spontaneously resuscitated just before doctors were going to pronounce the time of death. Ruby recalls seeing a being she believes was her dad accompanied by other beings. She felt a force telling her she had to go back.

Spirit Voices: Are These Real

It’s very easy for me to assume that everyone knows exactly how the process of gathering these audio files – via the Echovox software – actually works. I tend to find that some of my previous articles are easily digested by current researchers – and explorers of the paranormal genre – yet forgetting the grass-roots …

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Spirits: Edzell Castle in Angus

Edzell Castle is a stunning semi-ruined 16th-century castle. It’s located close to Edzell, and is around 5 miles north of Brechin, in Angus, Scotland. The Castle was constructed around 1520 by David Lindsay, the 9th Earl of Crawford, and then was expanded on by his son, Sir David Lindsay, Lord Edzell, who also laid out …

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The Jacobite Series: Haunted History of Scotland

In the coming months, here at Haunted Scotland, we will be probing the Haunted History of Scotland. We will follow in the footsteps of the Jacobites, seek out locations associated with King Robert The Bruce, scramble across the country in search of Mary Queen of Scots and finally, lookout for the outlaw and national hero, …

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Bill Taylors – Near Death Experience – No reason to fear death.

Bill went code blue after a virus invaded his heart. After some time his Near Death Experience came back to him. He recalls being a small speck of light and his job in that realm was to simply send love out to the universe. Bill felt comfort in finding others who had similar experiences at …

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Ruthven Barracks

Ruthven Barracks, Scotland, are the smallest but best preserved of the four barracks built in 1719 after the 1715 Jacobite rising. Set on an old castle mound, the complex comprises two large three-storey blocks occupying two sides of the enclosure, each with two rooms per floor. Destroyed by Jacobites following their retreat after the Battle …

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