Protect Your Paranormal Research & Observations

Members of the paranormal research field get a hard time from many quarters, whether it be about finding extraordinary evidence, which I have shown to be irrational, or due to individuals who are using the field to propel media careers, while they attack all and sundry to reach that goal.

I have also discovered that location owners, or curators, may in fact be playing games also, to boost their own work and place teams against each other with behind-back whispers, or even trying to catch out mediumistic researchers with false information.

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Are you being manipulated?

The hardest thing for any person to admit to themselves is that they have been manipulated and fed false information. People would rather defend the person doing the manipulation, than face the prospect that they had been conned or made a fool of by others.

This is key to the false perspective adopted by cynics and know-it-alls who in all reality know nothing. In order to push forward their fundamental beliefs, they must attack anything that contradicts their stance and what better way than RIDICULE!

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The Paranormal Game or NOT!

I truly feel sorry for the general public at times, if it is not bad enough that they are ridiculed and judged unnecessarily, they are also looked at as a possibility to secure a location, for an egotistical game of one-upmanship by some within the paranormal field. We are talking about people who are scared out their wits with the activity transpiring around them, people at their worst imaginable through fear of the unknown.

Yet, some are hell-bent in using them as pawns, for the latest edition of the real life soap-opera, full of drama that would put Coronation Street to shame at the next awards ceremony.

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So Am I Researching?

The question on everyone’s lips just now and something actually flooding in my direction daily,  do I still research the paranormal and where have I been in the last few years. I was astonished to hear some thought I was still heavily involved, working under the radar in the past 3 years. I am not that easy to hide as some will tell you, I have a knack of making myself heard usually good and not so good. 🙂

I stepped out of the field some 3 years back to concentrate on new areas of research and personal development. In this time I had the chance to really dive deep into mysteries, quantum physics, ancient knowledge and then progress through a few areas non-related to the field.

It was a worthwhile cause, Its given me new perspectives and abilities to really push my own personal research and work, while also hooking up with colleagues and together….evolve within the field for the field. Nothing sits still you know, everything changes in life and I now have the ability to be flexible and move with these changes. Previously I lacked in this area, so it’s allowed me to gain skills and direction, moving on the leading edge of thought and purpose!!
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