Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity | Mary Kings Close

Paranormal Activity Mary Kings Close Real Paranormal Activity Mary Kings Close style. Deep within Mary Kings Close nearly 10 years ago, we experienced Paranormal Activity first hand in the form of spirit voices heard aloud, and recorded on Camcorder & Dictaphone. This is real phenomena which is rare to capture on device. The following clip …

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Paranormal Activity | Top 6 Echovox Sessions 2015

Paranormal Activity 6 Echovox Sessions Top 6 Echovox Sessions in 2015 from Scotland, is this real paranormal activity? We take a look back at 6 locations that are famous for paranormal activity, as we undertake audio sessions to induce spirit communication. We visit the borders twice, Stirling, Shotts, West Lothian and Angus…..

The Scottish Fisheries Museum

The award-winning Scottish Fisheries Museum is located at the harbour of one of Fife’s most picturesque seaside towns, Anstruther. The museum occupies a warren of buildings that run along the east side of the harbour. Opened in 1969, it has grown over time into a very large complex, occupying a number of converted buildings set …

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Paranormal Evidence: Light & Mirror

The following evidence was captured at The Pearce Institute on the 10th of January 2015. This is a light & mirror experiment, where we were looking for any spiritual energies to affect the light by walking through it, or turning it off.

What Causes Sudden Paranormal Activity

It can almost be seen as more mysterious than the mystery itself; the sudden flare-up of paranormal activity in the house, business or historical location. Where we have relative peace and harmony one day, then the next, we are faced with a whole host of unexplainable events that leaves one scratching their head. One such …

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