World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Exist

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Exist

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does ExistsOften in circles relating to pseudo-scepticism and blatant cynicism – with regards to paranormal events – we’ve members who are all too happy to name drop individuals as some proof about their rigid belief systems.

Many have even tried to emanate said big names – in search of big dollars and lots of publicity – for their materialist aims in life.

Not forgetting massive fame and media performances to boot.

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Haunted Scotland’s A-Z of Paranormal Definitions

A-Z of Paranormal Definitions

A-Z of Paranormal Definitions Terminology can vary slightly depending on who you speak with or which articles you may read.

The beautiful thing about paranormal research and observations, is that there are so many approaches and viewpoints.

This is healthy, yet it should also be remembered that no one including science or psychics, have all the answers.

This is why it’s better to approach from your own flexible viewpoint.

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We are spirits playing at evolution of consciousness

We are spirits

We Are SpiritThe fringes of paranormal exploration and research is my preferred place of operation. Out of mainstream research sight, and deep within my mind formulating ideas on the paranormal subject.

Always looking to find more information – and putting practices into action – rather than relentlessly just talking about them.

If you think people working in the paranormal field are far out, you should peek into my thinking, that will seriously twist your brain in a multitude of directions.


I’ve learnt a very serious lesson these past 10 years in this passionate hobby of mine, I know next to nothing about the true nature of reality or ‘exactly’ what happens to us when we die.

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Lets start of with a term that I slightly modified to fit into my own perceptions of what a Pseudo-Sceptic actually is.

Keeping in mind, I am not speaking of true scepticism and those great flexible minded individuals, who help drive forward real information. Here we talk about:


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Only the open-minded need apply!

There is something that has become evident in my world of paranormal exploration and discovery. Something so fundamentally crucial that it can shape the direction of evidence and personal proof acquired [because you are not getting proof for others I’m afraid]

It is actually funny, due simply to the fact that it was briefly whispered to me back in 2005 and I chose to ignore it. I could not place it within my understanding at that time you see, I already adhered to strict methodologies and wrongly never allowed for flexibility, which would have greatly improved the quality of my research.

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The Paranormal Game or NOT!

I truly feel sorry for the general public at times, if it is not bad enough that they are ridiculed and judged unnecessarily, they are also looked at as a possibility to secure a location, for an egotistical game of one-upmanship by some within the paranormal field. We are talking about people who are scared out their wits with the activity transpiring around them, people at their worst imaginable through fear of the unknown.

Yet, some are hell-bent in using them as pawns, for the latest edition of the real life soap-opera, full of drama that would put Coronation Street to shame at the next awards ceremony.

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The Top 3: Paranormal Investigating Mistakes

I am often asked, what are the three main mistakes made by those Investigating hauntings, especially within people’s homes and locations. Common mistakes made by those either new to the field, still progressing their understanding or those stuck in a rigid belief systems. 

Please understand, I come from an angle of still learning within this field and I regularly consult my peers to push my knowledge forward. When I share information, I only share from my current understanding and this is open to change in the future as more discoveries are made and I evolve in thought.

So what are the three common mistakes employed by Investigators on location?
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Psychic Challenge – Car Boot Challenge

Psychics are challenged to find out if they really do have a sixth sense in the following video. We have one guy who has decided to pick a car from 50 in the area, then hide in the boot. Then each person claiming to be gifted is brought into the area and has the challenge of picking which one he is in.

As you will see, some did not manage to do this successfully, more of interest to me, was the ones who did and the way they managed this. As a researcher and student of all things mysterious, I find this intriguing and feel this just further emphasises my hypothesis that some people are gifted, due to the developing work they have conducted on themselves. Everyone has this, only very few display and work with it.

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Bigger picture research

It’s been a long weekend here in the office, with lots of content either produced or on the drawing board. It has ranged widely too I must say, with explorations into a plethora of topics from consciousness study right through to yesterdays hot topic of Pseudo-Sceptics. What I do not wish to happen I must add, is the conversation to dip low into negative topics when there are a plethora of positive upbeat research and stories to be told.

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Feel Judged?

Do you feel that you are judged because of your personal beliefs or feel that some of your colleagues have shut you out slightly, especially if you are not afraid to share such? Do not fear, stress or worry in the slightest as I know how you feel and its no great problem for you, maybe for the past friends and colleagues but in the end, that is their business and not anything for you to worry about.

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