A Teenager’s NDE – Cardiac Arrest at 16 – Reunites with Grandmother.

Mike was a senior in high school, and on a day like any other day he suffered a mysterious cardiac arrest and collapsed on the floor. In his NDE, Mike reunited with who he believed was his grandmother.

She told him he could stay or go back, yet going back would be a hard road, but there were things he hadn’t done yet that he had to accomplish.

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Childbirth Near Death Experience – “I was in the light and the light was me”

During an emergency caesarean section a woman has a Near-Death experience after being administered anaesthesia in which she gained total universal knowledge and became one with the light.

Thanks to NDEaccounts for the upload via Youtube…..

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Al Sullivan’s – NDE – Confirmation of out of body experience.

Al Sullivan was able to confirm being out of his body during surgery by being able to recall detailed events that happened during the surgery.

Al also did an earlier interview in which he describes in more detail his encounter with the afterlife.

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