Haunted Scotland’s A-Z of Paranormal Definitions

A-Z of Paranormal Definitions

A-Z of Paranormal Definitions Terminology can vary slightly depending on who you speak with or which articles you may read.

The beautiful thing about paranormal research and observations, is that there are so many approaches and viewpoints.

This is healthy, yet it should also be remembered that no one including science or psychics, have all the answers.

This is why it’s better to approach from your own flexible viewpoint.

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Shared Near-Death Experience – Pet Spirit Guides.

Pet Spirit Guides

Pet Spirit GuidesJan & John Price share their incredible shared Near-Death experience. Rather than being greeted by deceased relatives on the other side Jan is guided by her dog Maggie, her very own Pet Spirit Guides.

Before we watch the video, Near-Death.com tells us…..


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Jeff Olsen Near Death Experience Interview with Erica McKenzie

jeff-olsenExclusive interview with Jeff Olsen about his Near Death Experience. Interview with Erica McKenzie by Alive Again TV.

Alive Again explores the age-old question of life after death as each episode features true stories of every day people who’ve been clinically dead, miraculously revived, and dramatically transformed by what they experienced on the other side.

The show also weighs in with experts on the scientific facts for and against such phenomena.

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Life After Death Proved By Scientists?

Solve The PuzzleLife after death has been studied by scientists at Southampton University who found evidence that conscious awareness can continue for at least a few minutes after death.

The medical study is the largest ever into near-death and out-of-body experiences.

We look at the study and the controversy surrounding it, in this Lip News clip with Elliot Hill and Mark Sovel.

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NDE: Heart Stopped For 45 Minutes

40-year-old Ruby Graupera-Cassimir was about to be pronounced dead after after 45 minutes with no pulse.

She spontaneously resuscitated just before doctors were going to pronounce the time of death. Ruby recalls seeing a being she believes was her dad accompanied by other beings. She felt a force telling her she had to go back.

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A Teenager’s NDE – Cardiac Arrest at 16 – Reunites with Grandmother.

Mike was a senior in high school, and on a day like any other day he suffered a mysterious cardiac arrest and collapsed on the floor. In his NDE, Mike reunited with who he believed was his grandmother.

She told him he could stay or go back, yet going back would be a hard road, but there were things he hadn’t done yet that he had to accomplish.

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God Is Life – Clark’s Near Death Experience.

On October 23, 2009 Clark had a Near Death Experience after suffering a heart attack.

He next found himself in a beautiful meadow that was filled with a white light that was aware of his presence.

The light told him telepathically, and he became aware, that “God Is Life”

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NDE: Atheist reunites with her dead Grandmother

After surgery, Barbara began to die as her vital signs began to shut down. She lost consciousness and found herself floating in the hallway looking into a PA-speaker system up by the ceiling.

She travelled back to her room and remembers watching her body with a sense of detachment, and amusement, as she noticed tape on her nose. She soon found herself in total blackness and felt hands gently pull her into a warm loving place. She believed this was her Grandmother who had been dead for 14 years.

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Childbirth Near Death Experience – “I was in the light and the light was me”

During an emergency caesarean section a woman has a Near-Death experience after being administered anaesthesia in which she gained total universal knowledge and became one with the light.

Thanks to NDEaccounts for the upload via Youtube…..

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Purpose Of Life – Near Death Experience – Ellen Whealton

Ellen shares her Near-Death Experience after she was kicked by a horse in the temple as a child which resulted in her being in a coma for a week. She was met by two guides who spoke to her telepathically and was given the choice to go beyond or come back to earth.

Her Near-Death Experience changed the direction of her life and gave her a new life’s purpose using music to help people.

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