Near Death Experience – Polio Remission

In 1952 Janet Rainwater was slowly dying from Polio after becoming paralyzed and being unable to swallow. After she went unconscious she found herself in front of a white light. She was met by women who she realized was her grandmother.

She was filled with total knowledge and able to see the results of all the actions and in-actions she had ever taken in her life. When she became conscious again she found she was able to swallow again her symptoms gradually disappeared. She had lost any fear of death she’d ever had since that experience.

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Celebrity NDE – Clint Walker

Clint Walkers heart stopped after a skiing accident when his ski pole punctured his heart. He floated up above his body and as he looked down on earth he realized that earth was just a dirty little bus stop along the eternal journey.

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Deathbed Visitation – Message from the Other-Side.

Don shares his experiences of his mother who on her deathbed shares an answer to a question his wife had been looking for.

Here is the video……

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Car Crash – 5 Year old has a glimpse of heaven – NDE

After a severe car crash Cheryl wakes up from her coma after two weeks and while her grandparents watch she starts engaging in a conversations with someone towards the ceiling.

Her grandparents claim they heard her saying goodbye to her mother and brother and said ” Do you see them, do you see the hole!?” as she pointed up towards the ceiling.

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Vietnam War Vet – Shared Near Death Experience

Source: CNN – Help spread awareness of these important experiences by sharing.

Tommy Clark was injured in Vietnam in 1969 during a firefight. He had lost both legs and an arm in an explosion. He recalls hovering over his body watching medics put a canvas over his lifeless body. What’s most interesting is others who had died that day he remembers watching them all walking down a path towards a bright light. He chose not to go with them and is here to share his story with the world.

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Royal Airforce Pilot – Near Death Experience

Alan Pring, a former Royal Airforce Pilot has a near death experience while undergoing a routine operation. He was given a life review and asked by men dressed in monks robes different questions about his life.

The worst moment of his entire life was the point he realized he couldn’t continue into this realm and felt he had to return and tell his wife that it was impossible to die.

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Bill Taylors – Near Death Experience – No reason to fear death.

Bill went code blue after a virus invaded his heart. After some time his Near Death Experience came back to him. He recalls being a small speck of light and his job in that realm was to simply send love out to the universe.

Bill felt comfort in finding others who had similar experiences at sites such as Iands

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Near-Death Experience In Iraq – Natalie Sudman

Natalie Sudman worked as an archeologist in the Great Basin states for sixteen years before accepting a position managing construction contracts in Iraq. After being injured by a roadside bomb (improvised explosive device–IED), Natalie has since retired from government service. She is now enjoying art, writing, and continuing explorations into the non-physical.

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Al Sullivan’s – NDE – Confirmation of out of body experience.

Al Sullivan was able to confirm being out of his body during surgery by being able to recall detailed events that happened during the surgery.

Al also did an earlier interview in which he describes in more detail his encounter with the afterlife.

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David Thaler VS the God Helmet & Polygraph Test.

David Thaler takes us on a journey of his own Near Death Experience but also looks for explanations to his NDE through scientific methods.

Dave challenges the God Helmet which claims to recreate a Near-Death experience like state as well as takes on one of the worlds renowned polygraph experts.

Cloe Solis also talks briefly about her drowning near death experience.

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