NDE: Heart Stopped For 45 Minutes

40-year-old Ruby Graupera-Cassimir was about to be pronounced dead after after 45 minutes with no pulse.

She spontaneously resuscitated just before doctors were going to pronounce the time of death. Ruby recalls seeing a being she believes was her dad accompanied by other beings. She felt a force telling her she had to go back.

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God Is Life – Clark’s Near Death Experience.

On October 23, 2009 Clark had a Near Death Experience after suffering a heart attack.

He next found himself in a beautiful meadow that was filled with a white light that was aware of his presence.

The light told him telepathically, and he became aware, that “God Is Life”

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NDE: Atheist reunites with her dead Grandmother

After surgery, Barbara began to die as her vital signs began to shut down. She lost consciousness and found herself floating in the hallway looking into a PA-speaker system up by the ceiling.

She travelled back to her room and remembers watching her body with a sense of detachment, and amusement, as she noticed tape on her nose. She soon found herself in total blackness and felt hands gently pull her into a warm loving place. She believed this was her Grandmother who had been dead for 14 years.

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Near Death Experience – Polio Remission

In 1952 Janet Rainwater was slowly dying from Polio after becoming paralyzed and being unable to swallow. After she went unconscious she found herself in front of a white light. She was met by women who she realized was her grandmother.

She was filled with total knowledge and able to see the results of all the actions and in-actions she had ever taken in her life. When she became conscious again she found she was able to swallow again her symptoms gradually disappeared. She had lost any fear of death she’d ever had since that experience.

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Hospice Nurses Share Their Spiritual Experiences with Dying Patients

It’s not uncommon for the dying to have visions of deceased loved ones, seeing tunnels of light and having other spiritual experiences. These hospice nurses share their experiences of what they had witnessed while in service.

Thanks to NDEaccounts

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Heather Sloan’s – NDE – Ectopic Pregnancy Death

If patients are conscious while clinically dead, they should be able to describe what happened as they were resuscitated. One night in June 1976, Heather Sloan, a former State Registered Nurse and Midwife, was pronounced clinically dead.

As her spirit left her body, she recalls that she looked down at herself lying on the hospital bed until a Being of light encouraged her to float through a glowing tunnel. Sloan, who had an ectopic pregnancy, was resuscitated and, by the following morning, was able to describe her experience. But it was not until the late 1980’s that she discovered that her experience actually had a name associated with it. The following is her NDE in her own words:

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