Kellie Castle

Region : Fife
Location : Pittenweem
Details : Kellie is of A very large E-plan,consisting of a three story main block with three large square towers that form the arms of the E. The towers are of five stories, and two have bartizans. Two smaller stair towers project from the side of the main block The castle was built in the 14th century and was originally in the hands of the Oliphant family. An earlier castle on this site belonged to the Siwards, but the present castle was built by the Oliphants, who held the land from 1360 to 1613. The L-plan tower now forming the east end of the castle is dated 1573. The upper works on the towers probably date from 1603-6, when the new main block was built and the older 15th century tower was heightened by a new top story with round bartizans
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