Mr. John (Jan) Dijkslag

This is a call out for anyone who knows the whereabouts of Mr. John (Jan) Dijkslag, a former friend of Gabriella John, last contact made in Inverness. Gabriella says ” I met John (his Dutch name is Jan) during my first holiday in Scotland end of October / beginning November 2003” she goes on to say “At that time, John was working there to bridge the time while he was waiting for the authorization to open and observatory at the north-eastern most end of Scotland near Wick. Horst Meyerdierks said he probably still lives near Croy”

Gabriella had invited John for dinner near Edinburgh. Unfortunately, that very evening it had started snowing and the road over the Highland hills were closed. They never met again, but after Gabriella’s return to Germany, they spent hours on the phone every night as good friends. Gabriella unfortunately lost all her numbers and has been searching ever since for her friend with no results notable. Can you help?

If you know John(Jan) whether a colleague, friend or family member, please could you past the following details over to him……

E-mails are:, and, Skype GabriellaInternational

Cell Phone: +49 157 37 55 83 02

Thank You!!

Brodie Castle

Region :Moray
Location : Inverness

Details : Probably started in construction around 1560 by Alexander Brodie of Brodie as a Z plan Tower House. 1645, the house was partially burnt and razed by the Royalist army. in 1730 remodeling was conducted. Due to the rising costs of upkeep, the castle was handed over to the National Trust for Scotland in 1970’s

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