Inveraray Jail

Live Echovox Sessions on Ghost Events Scotland

Live Echovox Sessions with Ryan O’Neill at a plethora of haunted Scottish locations as part of the Ghost Events Scotland investigations. Ryan starts off by explaining what is about to transpire during the public sessions, preparing the public for the possible communication, and coordinating the sessions fully. Includes captures from Inveraray Jail, Mary Kings Close …

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Inveraray Jail – Inveraray Scotland

Inveraray Jail, which is located in Inveraray, Argyll and Bute, is a 19th-century courthouse & prison. It was in use as a prison from 1820 to 1889, a category A-listed building, the location is now a fantastic visitor attraction which is open to the public as a living museum. The courtroom, on the first floor …

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Inveraray Jail – Scotland

Inveraray Jail has a rich history behind it. Since its opening to the public as a living museum in 1989, visitors can step back in time to see for themselves the impressive courthouse where actual court cases are re-enacted from historical records. They can also share in the courtroom drama with accurate models dressed in …

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Your Experiences Crush Theory!

Everyone has their own story or tale to tell and many have had direct experience of situations that can not be easily explained by those who proclaim to be in the know. We live in a world where hypocrisy is rife and unfortunate, within the field of paranormal research, the overly cynical bunch have it …

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