St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost

St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost

St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost St Monans Auld Kirk dates back to around the year 875 when Saint Monan was buried here.

It was said that King David II – after being injured at the battle of Neville’s Cross by a Bow (17 October 1346) – visited the exact site and ordered a Kirk be built after a miraculous recovery from his injuries.

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The Haunted Balgonie Castle | Fife | Scotland

The Haunted Balgonie Castle

Balgonie Castle sits on the south bank of the River Leven near Milton The Haunted Balgonie Castleof Balgonie, a few miles east of Glenrothes, in Fife, Scotland.

The keep dates to the 13th century and the remaining structures added up-until the 18th century. The keep has recently been restored, although other parts of the castle are roofless ruins.

Balgonie is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

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World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Exist

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Exist

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does ExistsOften in circles relating to pseudo-scepticism and blatant cynicism – with regards to paranormal events – we’ve members who are all too happy to name drop individuals as some proof about their rigid belief systems.

Many have even tried to emanate said big names – in search of big dollars and lots of publicity – for their materialist aims in life.

Not forgetting massive fame and media performances to boot.

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360 Tour of Dunino Den & Kirk | Pagans, Rituals & Natural Energy

360 Tour of Dunino Den & Kirk

360 tour of Dunino Den & KirkThe magical natural surroundings of Dunino Den & Kirk, an ancient sacred site used for thousands of years pre-dating Christianity.

It will be little surprise that this location is situated on a ley-line, with the kirk itself said to be inside an ancient stone circle which was destroyed, with some of the stone used in it’s construction.

In the Kirk-yard you can still see a stone, which visitors place coins upon as a token to the sacred site.

It’s hypothesised that spirit can use natural energies of these lay-lines to communicate with the physical. A thin place where the spirit world and physical world can overlap!

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Balgonie Castle 360 Interactive Paranormal Investigation

Balgonie Castle 360 Interactive Paranormal Investigation

Balgonie Castle Spirits Speak“Green Jeannie”, has wandered the ruinous 1702 wing for over two centuries. walking between two rooms linked by a doorway, she is said to walk in a left to right direction behind the two barred windows, stopping only to peer into the walled courtyard from the second window.

I witnessed one of the Wolf Hounds stand, bark and stare towards this area during our latest Investigation at Fife Paranormal Research Society.

That is not all however…….

Another spirit that roams Balgonie Castle is that of an old man. While the Laird’s wife was said to be resting in the Great Hall, she had opened her eyes to find a bearded apparition – grey in statue – in what looked like 17th century costume staring towards her.

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👻 REAL Spirit Communication At Historic Scottish Abbey | They Provide Proof (Scottish Accent) 🛐

REAL Spirit Communication

REAL Spirit CommunicationSpirit Communication (REAL) from Historic Scottish Abbey, they even call out “proof” in a very distinct Scottish Accent. Are the spirits trying to provide that elusive evidence of the spirit world?

Again, I refute any suggestions of pareidolia and I know the software does not include Scottish dialect and such words due to extensive testing.

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In Pictures | The Haunted Arbroath Abbey | Scotland’s Historical Religious Location

The Haunted Arbroath Abbey

360 Virtual TOUR Of Haunted Scottish Historic AbbeySpooky religious monks that glide over the historical grounds, their hoods covering the face and little sign of any footprints or even limbs under their flapping grey robes.

We welcome you to this stunning, historical location in the coastal town of Arbroath……It’s Arbroath Abbey, keeper of the Declaration Of Arbroath.

Let us look at some photography from this spiritually active hot spot from the east side of Scotland.

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The Historic Haunted Arbroath Abbey | Wandering Ghostly Monks

The Historic Haunted Arbroath Abbey

he Historic Haunted Arbroath AbbeyArbroath Abbey, in located in the town of Arbroath, and was founded in 1178 by King William the Lion for the Tironensian Benedictine monks from Kelso Abbey.

The last Abbot at Arbroath Abbey was the Cardinal David Beaton, who in 1522 succeeded his uncle James to become Archbishop of St Andrews.

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🎬 360 Interactive Haunted Mental hospital | Scotland 👻

360 Interactive Haunted Mental hospital

360 Interactive Video of HAUNTED Mental Hospital Village in Scotland360 Interactive Video of HAUNTED Mental Hospital Village in Scotland. Can you feel the atmosphere from the video?

Bangour Village Hospital was a psychiatric hospital located west of Dechmont in West Lothian, Scotland. It was officially opened in October 1906 (under the name Edinburgh District Asylum), over two years after the first patients were admitted in June 1904.

In 1918 Bangour General Hospital was created in the grounds, but the hospital began winding down in 1989 with services being transferred to the newly built St. John’s Hospital in the Howden area of Livingston.

The final ward at Bangour eventually closed in 2004.

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Tour Abandoned Haunted Mental Hospital & Church With Me | Includes Audio Captures Of Spirits

Abandoned Haunted Mental Hospital & Church

Abandoned Haunted Mental Hospital & ChurchTake a tour of this abandoned mental hospital in Scotland, includes old church and over 4 miles of old buildings and structures that have been left to decay.

This is the first of many visits to key areas at this location, let us know what you think of the format and how it can be improved.

This video deals with the infamous villa 9 and the old church building.

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