Castle Cary

Region : Stirlingshire
Location : Castlecary village off the A80.

Details : Built in 1478, the castle is in two halves : an old tower which is a classic Scottish tower house, and a new (1679) extension that was built after the original wing fell down some years before.

Paranormal Phenomena : General William Baillie of Letham, was a noted Covenanter. When Baillie died is not known, but his ghost has been reported at Castle Cary. The haunting at the castle is said to be a rather noisy spirit, and most of the strange noises heard in and around the castle are attributed to him. A few folk have seen the ghost of Baillie. Most sightings are made from the garden. Visitors have looked up at the tower and seen his figure looking back at them from an upper window.

It is also claimed to have a White Lady in residence. folklore tells that one of the Lairds called Baillie had a daughter known as Elizabeth, or Lizzie. He discovered that she had fallen in love with a young laird from the Lennox. He was the proprietor of just a few acres, and worst still, his surname was Graham. It was the Grahams under Montrose who had been responsible for setting the castle alight during the years of persecution. Baillie was so angry that he ripped up the letter and sent for his daughter. He took his daughter up to the uppermost garret in the old tower where he locked her up. Feeding her only on bread and water, he intended keeping her there until such time as she saw sense. In an attempt at escape Lizzie climbed on to the parapet of the castle and jumped over the edge. She fell four storeys down to the sheet where she was safely caught. Lizzie and the young Graham then stole away into the night. It is her spirit that is believed to return to Castle Cary as a White Lady. She has been reported in various parts of the castle, most sightings, however, seem to have taken place on the principal stairway.

Sources : castle-cary

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