Haunted Scotland’s A-Z of Paranormal Definitions

A-Z of Paranormal Definitions

A-Z of Paranormal Definitions Terminology can vary slightly depending on who you speak with or which articles you may read.

The beautiful thing about paranormal research and observations, is that there are so many approaches and viewpoints.

This is healthy, yet it should also be remembered that no one including science or psychics, have all the answers.

This is why it’s better to approach from your own flexible viewpoint.

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Is This Freddy Jacksons Ghost

Is this Freddy Jacksons Ghost?

Air Mechanic Freddy Jackson met his untimely death in 1919. He was killed in a rather gruesome accident, walking into an aeroplane propeller.

This intriguing photograph – taken in 1919 – was first published by Sir Victor Goddard, a retired R.A.F. officer around 1975.

The photograph is of a group portrait of Goddard’s squadron, which had served in World War I aboard the HMS Daedalus. This was the final photograph before they were to be disbanded.

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The Ghosts Of Hailes Castle – Hailes Castle Ghost

Hailes Castle Ghost – Is it True?

Hailes Castle GhostHailes Castle is a mainly 14th century castle about a mile and a half south-west of East Linton, East Lothian, Scotland.

This castle, which has a fine riverside setting, belonged to the Hepburn family during the most important centuries of its existence. Since 1926, it has been the subject of a state-sponsored guardianship agreement, which is now under the auspices of Historic Scotland. It is also ‘rumoured’ to be haunted by the Hailes Castle Ghost

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Is James Randi a Pseudo-Sceptic?

Some flock to him as if he is some type of critical-thinking saviour, much in the same way as fundamentalist religious types will swarm around statues, scriptures or the feet of their own likewise saviour.

Can we really class Mr Randi as a true sceptic though?


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Ghost appears in window of house in Ohio

A photograph taken of a house in Ravenna seems to show the face of a girl peering out of a window.

Over the last 20 years Lu Ann Sicuro claims to have experienced multiple cases of paranormal phenomena at her home in Ravenna, Ohio. The strange occurrences included mysterious voices, unexplained sounds coming her closet and doorknobs rattling by themselves.

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Top Scottish Haunted Hot Spots This Halloween

It’s such a regular occurrence here at Haunted Scotland – and previously as the founding member and owner of Scottish Paranormal – that my email box begins to fill up with requests for information on the best places to stay (with a haunting of course) along with where to visit and, in my opinion, what I suggest through my experiences.

As we approach Halloween, I wanted to offer a few suggestions to get you in the spirit of the season and allow you to get those plans made early.

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Spirit-Box Series: A ghost box and spirit box overview

Haunted Scotland looks at the increasingly interesting area of on-site live audio interaction, allegedly communicating with spirits and non-physical energies. This is achieved via a modified fast scanning radio device, prompting manipulation by any alleged spiritual beings.

Scanning at super-speeds but still managing to form coherent sentences or key phrases, can this device provide afterlife communication with our loved ones or lost souls?

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Apparitions and their colours?

We have all heard about the local stories of the green lady, the white lady, the blue lady and, well, all different colours really. So why the different selection of colours we must ask, what causes one report to differ from another and what are the probabilities or reasons of such?

Well I have my own hypothesis and I have discussed these things with Chris Huff [Fellow Experienced Investigator] in the past. I believe what is being witnessed is a Non Sentient ghost, a recording or residual occurrence in layman terms. Energy of a past event, an emotional death or time in history, which is now trapped as a recording in the earth’s environment, most likely the soil we walk on daily, as the energy waits for the correct trigger to set the wheels in motion.

To begin the activity, there may be all sorts of possible triggers such as high levels of EMF, emotional witnesses who’s energies may interact with the surroundings or changes in the weather, thunderstorms or electrical charged environmental conditions. Who knows exactly what and that is something we all should look into.

So where does the colour come in to the above, what is the significance and why the differences.

It may be possible that the Non-Sentient residual energy starts as a bright colour full of energy and over time (power gets weaker) changing to these different shades until one day it’s gone and we are left with just the sounds of the once bright and very visual occurrence.

Can this explain the colours of the apparitions that are seen all over the world, what do you think?

Do you have any thoughts on the subject?

Edinburgh Vaults

The Edinburgh Vaults or South Bridge Vaults are a series of chambers formed in the nineteen arches of the South Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland, which was completed in 1788. For around 30 years, the vaults were used to house taverns, cobblers and other tradesmen, and as storage space for illicit material, reportedly including the bodies of people killed by serial killers Burke and Hare for medical experiments.

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Halloween Is Over

So the Halloween season is over now and the clamber for paranormal stories and experiences dies down for another year. Many with a deep interest will continue to indulge in their love for all things paranormal and in particular; Hauntings & ghostly phenomena. I truly don’t think people understand just how popular this topic is, its massive, and that is witnessed personally here, the weekly hits to this relevantly new site is massive so just imagine what the big projects like Scottish Paranormal are getting. The mind boggles!

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