Spirited efforts to find spooks

By JULIA HORTON A STRANGE light is swirling in the dark rain-filled sky above Hailes Castle. Beneath it, four shadowy figures emerge through the gloom next to a ruined tower, their faces obscured in the dark of the night. As they approach, a weird yellowish glow appears to surround them and an ominous whirring sound …

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The ghosts of Mary King’s Close

 Published on Thursday 5 May 2005 13:06 THE DARK, claustrophobic streets running off the Royal Mile lead away from the light and downhill into the shadows. These half-forgotten reminders of Edinburgh’s insanitary past provide a perfect setting for a suitably spooky atmosphere. Largely built upon the ruins of centuries gone by, it is not just …

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Old school spirit refuses to die away

Published on Thursday 3 May 2007 12:09 – NO-ONE could remember the last time a living human soul had ventured there. Certainly, it’s been closed off to the public for more than 100 years – though few of the tourists and residents trundling past on their way to the Castle would even be aware of …

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So Are They Real

Its obvious that if you are already on the site here that you will have some type of interest in spirit/ghost hauntings which is a small part of the umbrella that is the paranormal. You will have gathered that Haunted Scotland is more biased toward research, observation and investigation of hauntings and does not cover …

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