Crichton Castle

Is Crichton Castle Haunted

Is Crichton Castle Haunted Crichton Castle is a ruined castle situated at the head of the River Tyne, near the village of Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland. The castle lies two miles south of the village of Pathhead, and a mile to the south-west is Borthwick Castle. It was a noble residence for some 200 years, from …

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Ghost Voices: Crichton Castle

 Read About Our Research – http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/ghost-voices-research/ Haunted Scotland & The Revamped International Paranormal (TRIP) continue the ongoing research into voices captured on device, whether this be Echovox; Spirit-Box (P-SB7) OR digital audio devices and video recording equipment.

Crichton Castle

Region : Midlothian Location : Crichton  Pathhead Details : Details of the castle may be found on the aboutscotland and the undiscovered scotland sites Paranormal Phenomena : Allegedly haunted by a man on horseback who enters the castle through its original but no longer extant gate

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