Castle of Mey

Region :Highland
Location : 15 miles N of Wick
Details : Originally known as the Castle of Mey, the name was later altered to Barrogill Castle. Built by the 4th Earl of Caithness it started as a typical 16th century Z-plan structure with jutting towers, corbelled turrets, and a great hall with numerous gun-loops. It came into the possession of Captain F B Imbert-Terry in 1929, who then sold it to the Queen Mother in 1952.
Paranormal Phenomena : This is allegedly haunted by a Green Lady type of ghost. The local folklore tells of how the daughter of a former laird was thwarted in her love for a ploughboy and committed suicide by jumping from an upper window.

Ackergill Tower

Region : Caithness
Location : 2 miles E of Balmoral

Details : Over the last 600 years this has been the site of many conflicts between the feuding Keith, Gunns and Sinclair clans. Ackergill Tower is a five-story oblong tower house. The four-storey wing to the rear was added in the early 18th century.
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