Protect Your Paranormal Research & Observations

Members of the paranormal research field get a hard time from many quarters, whether it be about finding extraordinary evidence, which I have shown to be irrational, or due to individuals who are using the field to propel media careers, while they attack all and sundry to reach that goal.

I have also discovered that location owners, or curators, may in fact be playing games also, to boost their own work and place teams against each other with behind-back whispers, or even trying to catch out mediumistic researchers with false information.

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Behaviour In The Paranormal Field

It’s by no means a field of research whereas we stay in the same place using the same techniques or behaviour and expect to hit the holy grail of definite proof and great relationships. To the general public who are a great percentage of the readership here, it will be alien to think that these guys who go out Investigating the paranormal actually encounter problems from their own fellow researchers. The blunt truth of the matter is that egos do run around like in any topic you may pick out the hat, it just happens that the paranormal community has a lot more bad apples and it can be a minefield to swerve.
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