Jedburgh Castle Jail EVPs – Sessions 18th April 2015

Jedburgh Castle Jail EVPsRyan O’Neil and team – Tammy O’Neill, Lynne and Gary Knight and Janice Dodds were at Jedburgh Jail leading a public investigation. The team is becoming well known for the quality of their public events and are hoping to expand in the near future to offer more people the chance to come along and see how investigations are conducted.

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How To Analyse Echovox Sessions

I’ve been meaning to put up a video with regards to checking your Echovox sessions – through Adobe – for some time now. It is a common question sent to me, and rather difficult to explain over text.

I truly hope this little video can help in some way.

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Echovox: Are You Listening

As the popularity of the Echovox Application rises – and rightly so – we begin to get more questions, suggestions and requests for assistance. The common theme from within the above, is how do some gain better results than others.

I have covered most questions in previous articles on Echovox – searching this website will reveal these for you – but are you doing the one main thing to improve your chance of captures tenfold?

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3 Crucial Echovox Capture Tips!

Why do some people gain good results from Echovox, while others struggle to produce similar results, not able to clearly hear any coherence or interaction.

Are there any tips to aid with this?

In this article, I will list the three crucial areas to help you access better results from your sessions, while further enhancing your participation in evidence gathering, via the Echovox System.

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Starters Guide – Set Up Your Own Team 3

So you have tried to find a local team that you can investigate with but having no luck at all? Maybe one does not exist in your locality or if they do, they are not open to new applications at this time. This is a common theme within the paranormal field and a circumstance that is constant in all areas of the world. I may just have a solution and a speedy straight to the point guide for you……

My name is Ryan O’Neill and I am the founder and one of the coordinators at IPI (International Paranormal Investigators). I am also the owner of Haunted Scotland, an independent project whereas observation on location is the basic way of operation.

So what would I know about teams then?

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Starters Guide – Can You Investigate 2

In the last article we looked at conduct and behaviour while operating in the paranormal field. We also touched upon learning, study and application which included seeking out an established organisation to see how things are properly done.

In this short article we are going to look at qualifications, qualities and exactly what’s required for effectiveness when working within this field. The common mistake as repeated over and over by newcomers to the field is a misconception that it is exactly as shown on popular TV programmes, this is a major letdown to those investing in this study, when they realise that in reality, it is so much different.

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