The Stunning Balvaird Castle

Balvaird 2015Rarely is the case that we will not return to a location for updated material, try new techniques, and present it all to the visitors of the Haunted Scotland website. We find this keeps material up to date, interest in our stunning Scottish locations high, and that little possibility of further mysterious activity to add to the in-depth files we already possess.

This was the case with Balavird Castle, which was visited this past Thursday (12/02)

We are in post-production just now with various video files being worked on, photography just prepared for full release in this inclusion, and further audio work to be conducted with 10 minutes of fresh captures on the analysis program workspace.

It’s a busy time for sure, but to kick us off, please do enjoy the following photographs from this stunning location.

Can you feel the atmosphere from this lonely Scottish castle? Please let us know!

Balvaird Castle is a particularly fine and complete example of a traditional late medieval Scottish tower house, built around the year 1500 for Sir Andrew Murray, a younger son of the family of Murray of Tullibardine. He acquired the lands of Balvaird in Perthshire through marriage to the heiress Margaret Barclay, a member of a wealthy family. It is likely that Balvaird Castle was built on the site of an earlier Barclay family castle. Substantial remnants of earthwork fortifications around the Castle may survive from earlier defences.

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