Is Stirling Castle Haunted

Is Stirling Castle Haunted

Is Stirling Castle HauntedHaunted Scotland has probed one of Scotland’s top locations for both historical purposes, and reported paranormal phenomena.

On a rather wet misty February morning we travelled to Stirling, in search of information, material, and to soak up the atmosphere of the spectacular royal castle, Stirling Castle.

Perched upon the dominating crag – overlooking Stirling – it can not be missed, it provides and air of strength when witnessed from afar, casting an everlasting shadow upon the plains below. It’s little wonder the castle was said to be the most important strategic location in Scotland. To hold her, was to hold the whole of Scotland!

Scotland’s royalty preferred to use this castle from around the 12th century due to its comfort, security and the sheer pleasure of the location. However, it was the most besieged castle in the land due to the before-mentioned strategic positioning.

I could truly go on and on with regards to the historic significance of this location, but I will leave that to Historic Scotland, as the interest here are the stories surrounding this castle from a paranormal perspective.

So, Is Stirling Castle Haunted

There are, as you can imagine, a few stories of paranormal significance with regards to the location. We have the pink lady who is said to walk between the castle and nearby church at Lady’s Rock.

Local stories have it that this particular phantom figure could be that of a former occupant who escaped while the castle was under siege by Edward the first in 1304. She is said to walk the area in search of her husband who may have perished in said siege.

Is Stirling Castle HauntedNext we have an intriguing story of an Highland Ghost, one that even has the audacity to stand out in the open while tourists approach.

That’s right, out in the open and often mistaken for a tour guide, that’s until they ask the spectre for some information and he turns and departs into the ether.

This is the most seen spirit by visitors, even a past architect from the 1930’s who is said to have went to the castle in the early hours of the morning managed to capture the Highlander on film. Although not seen at the time, the spirit shows up in one of the photographs taken.

Could the Highlander be responsible for the footsteps and noises heard around the castle?

How about the green lady whom most likely was an attendant from long ago. Not just any attendant may I add, but one of Mary, Queen of Scots herself.

The Queens attendant woke up with a jump, she had dreamed that the queen was in danger, rushing to her bedside she noticed the curtains of the four-poster bed were on fire….the queen was successfully rescued.

Could the Green Lady be this same attendant? Still haunting – or searching – the castle for Is Stirling Castle Hauntedsome type of closure, or even, as mentioned in the Craigmillar write-up, a non-sentient replay that has etched its energy onto the fabric of reality at this particular location.

It’s said any sighting of the green lady is swiftly followed by some type of disaster, and thus, it’s viewed very seriously by the authorities of the castle.

How much this is true is unknown, something to maybe follow-up on with said curators at this fantastic location.

I would have been surprised if no attached paranormal story had been evident at Stirling Castle. I mean, we are looking at a significant location here with deep history.


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  1. Fantastic article. Beautiful pictures. I am in aberdeen. I really enjoy your team’s work! It amazes me. I would love to travel to various haunted parts in Scotland!

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