Steve Huff: Messages from the Dead – The Andy’s Box Files.

The following is from Steve Huff’s Youtube Channel, as I continue to follow his work and leading edge research into Ghost Voices.

Steve Says: AMAZING messages come from the Andy’s Spirit Box and I use it in almost every session I do. It is my favorite box, hands down (The Echo Version) and never ever fails me. I have bonded with this box and anytime I turn it on it greets me and responds.

This is a unique box and the responses I get during group nights are phenomenal. This is a video with a bunch of Andy’s Box clips put together into a compilation to show you what comes through.

This is evidence that is undeniable. We are starting to scratch that surface of what is possible and this is as close as it gets to spirits having full on conversations with us. Between this and my Joe’s box, I have two great tools for spirit communication.

Messages from the Dead: The Andy's Box Files.

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