St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost

St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost

St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost St Monans Auld Kirk dates back to around the year 875 when Saint Monan was buried here.

It was said that King David II – after being injured at the battle of Neville’s Cross by a Bow (17 October 1346) – visited the exact site and ordered a Kirk be built after a miraculous recovery from his injuries.

However, my own research disputes this story, due to the fact that King David II was captured at the battle and did not return to Scotland until around 6 November 1357.

Miraculously healed by having a bow removed at St Monans would be an awfully long time for such an injury. This is not to say he did visit or order a Kirk, just not in the romantic way as explained by some.

Nevertheless, we do have reports of ghostly activity at St Monans Old Kirk. This has St Monans Auld Kirk ghostbeen widely reported throughout the years by many able publications, authors and enthusiasts.

Paranormal Activity

One winters evening, extremely dark and silent, a young boy was conducting his cleaning duties within the old historical Kirk.

Knowing he was finally finished, the last of his duties cleaning out the old ash from the furnace, he decided it was time to lock up and go home.

He glanced back and saw an almighty flash of light from the darkness of the Kirk’s Tower. Lighting up the gloomy dark – and much to his astonishment – he witnessed a pale looking face shining back towards him.

It was at this point that he ran to the Ministers home nearby.

St Monans Auld Kirk GhostWhen he got there the astonishment was to increase, for a portrait at the home of the Minister was that of the apparition he just witnessed at the tower.

The young lad had just witnessed the St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost first hand.

It was Sir David Leslie of Newark, long since the dead and previous owner of nearby Newark Castle.

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