St Bridget’s Kirk – 16th June 2013

Location Visit – 16th March 2013

An atmospheric location nestled within a wooded coastal position on the outskirts of Dalgety Bay, in the Kingdom Of Fife. It’s a former church, which now sits in surprisingly good condition, contrary to the online reports of being “just a ruin”. Dating back as far as 1178 and then reported to have been altered in the 17th Century, this site like many others of significant age and mystery, has its own spooky tale which will be hard to confirm or deny.

It is a pleasant summer evening in June, and I have taken the drive and then lovely stroll around this location of intrigue, to feel the atmosphere and walk silently within the many hidden areas. Impressive scenery surrounds this historic Kirk, along with a coast-line dominating the view and bringing a calmness that you can bask in all evening. This then brings to mind the reports emanating with regards to St Bridget’s Kirk.


Yup, you heard me right, with the twist of being phantom ones at that. They have apparently been spotted and heard in this particular area. A look at some online history does in fact bring up this probability, in regards to pirates in the area:

“The parish remained fairly stable for about the next 150 years when pirates, reputedly from south of the border, plundered and pillaged the land. They were a large enough group to defeat the Sheriff of Dunfermline in battle but they eventually succumbed to the forces of the “Fechtin Bishop” – Bishop Sinclair of Dunkeld, who at that time was in Auchtertool.” Source – http://www.owenson.org.uk/db/dbthen/dbhist.htm

Whether the reported activity is in fact that of a paranormal kind or just natural noises being carried over the Firth of Forth in the form of wildlife or likewise, the area is of such beauty I would urge people to personally visit and have a look.

I did not meet anything strange in my visit, but let’s be honest, this excellent place would need much more than one or two visits to tap into any possible non-physical activity.

I hope you enjoy the video and photographs.

“An atmospheric location nestled within a wooded coastal position on the outskirts of Dalgety Bay, in the Kingdom Of Fife.”

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