St Andrews Castle

St Andrews has always been known as the religious centre of Scotland, especially in times gone by when pilgrims would flock from far and wide to get a glimpse of the precious relics of St Andrew the apostle. Its little wonder therefore, that we have locations within this picturesque seaside town, that locals and visitors alike speak about in a most paranormal way. That would be, one of a haunting nature….welcome to St Andrews Castle!

Cardinal Beaton was murdered in St Andrews Castle and suspended from its walls in 1546. Some say he still haunts the castle environs. The figure of a woman has also been witnessed near the tower of the castle, carrying a book which is said to be a Bible or one of prayers. She is grey and is said to wear a veil, witnesses only get a fleeting glimpse as she vanishes quickly into the surrounding environment and out of sight. Also a spirit named the White Lady has been sighted walking along the castle edge and among the surrounding shoreline. These sightings have been during the evening in October mostly.

Then we have the tormented soul of Mr. Patrick Hamilton, after suffering an agonizing six hours before finally dying while he burned at the stake. Does he also walk the Castle grounds in search for some justice or revenge?

Please enjoy the video, photographs and any future unexplained material posted from this fantastic Scottish location.

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