Spirit Voices: Are These Real

It’s very easy for me to assume that everyone knows exactly how the process of gathering these audio files – via the Echovox software – actually works.

I tend to find that some of my previous articles are easily digested by current researchers – and explorers of the paranormal genre – yet forgetting the grass-roots of paranormal experiences, which actually comes from the public at large.

I mean, it’s very easy for people to listen to the captures and think WOW, but some may have doubts about authenticity of these files, and may be rather confused about the ‘how’ of such.

To start with, many of you will be familiar with EVP’S [Electronic voice phenomena] which is known phenomena where voices are captured on electronic devices with no natural source for such audible present.

It has long been suggested that such audible captures – which may be single words or phrases – are the result of non-physical communication, or in other words, Spirits of the departed leaving a message.

For some apparent reason, it seems that the spirits of our dearly departed are able to use sound waves, frequencies, and energy to communicate. In essence, they are truly using non-physical means that impact on our physical world, and can be translated through our ability to turn sound waves into coherent information in our brain.

We also have to remember, that there are sound-waves out-with our ability to translate, which can be picked up on equipment that we use. This is why most captures can only be heard through a device after analysis.

In the Echovox, we have a software that not only allows the above to transpire, but that also has a unique set-up, where we have a random soup of phonetic sounds – on varying frequencies – that can be tapped into by non-physical energies.

Unlike the Spirit-Box, which taps into the electrical soup of sound waves – and radio signals – the Echovox is pre-programmed with similar possibilities, BUT not full words or phrases. These truly are vowels and bit sounds.

Sceptics have long argued about the results from such testing, claiming natural non paranormal sounds from radio stations, and coincidence in results gained. This is regardless of coherence and words that have been captured.

The worst of foul language, dogs barking and non-local national accents have been dismissed, or ignored, by these people, as they rubbish the results without ever studying the area, or conducting full hypothetical models and testing.

When it comes to Echovox, some jumped fast to shout about radio stations again, this left some of them rather embarrassed with their firm rebuttals – and I know better attitude – due to the fact that it’s a closed system that does not use radio waves.

This highlights the ignorance that can be displayed by arm-chair sceptics, who neither test the methods nor have any interest in furthering the research, and possibilities, of afterlife communication.

In the face of attempted ridicule, nay-saying attitudes, and much looking down the nose from above, I decided to fully test the software for a minimum of 12 months to check out the veracity of the claimed results by my fellow researchers and members of the public.

In these tests, I quickly found that not only was the Echovox system providing clear coherent feedback, but that the local dialect, accents, and slang phrases where impossible to be pre-programmed by its American creator Danny, of BigBeard Studios.

Regardless of the results and data provided in these past 14 months or so, some will still not accept the results as anything but coincidence. These same people have not picked up the device either and fully tested over a prolonged period of time.

In other words, you’ve to trust their thinking only, even though they have no idea how it works and have never tested it fully.

Does the device throw out false positives – which are natural results confused as paranormal – I would say YES, of course it does, as does everything we use to gather data. This is where the rational side of our brain comes into play. Let us not be over zealous with rationality though, or you will close that mind so tight that you will view the world falsely.

Personally, I throw away more audio than I use, due to the strict demands on REAL QUALITY I have installed within. This is much to the annoyance of some colleagues who see that I do remove very valid possibilities, but this is only due to my wish to give clear presentations, that most people can follow easier without stretching their imagination, and making them work mentally at the results I show them.

I can in full integrity, absolutely assure everyone, that every single piece of audio that I have presented through the ‘Ghost Voices & Spirit Voices’ presentations, are 100% genuine.

I have studied the paranormal and nature of reality for a decade now, and I always strive to find the truth, and then share it with everyone who is willing to listen.

I come from a position of pure intentions with desire to understand what reality is, why we are here, and what the possibilities are for humans and the afterlife.

You can rest assured that there is no false data, false positives, and that material through Haunted Scotland, will ever do anything but empower the subject, and show clear consistent information that can be built upon in the future.

So to summarise, and really just adding to the information I have already provided in other likewise articles. The Echovox System is a feedback system that can be used for hypothetical spiritual communication, using non-physical means, that can be tapped into by both the physical and non-physical realms.

It seems to be a further advancement from normal audio sessions, where greater scope for communication can be gained via the banks of phonetics supplied on the Echovox system.

We are using vibrations, frequencies and energy to bridge the gap, and really impressing upon what Tesla always suggested.

Nikola Tesla — ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

Use the Echovox system, collect your own data and then share it without fear or favour!

Never allow naysayers to sway your opinion, as they have never used the system, or come from an area of bias in favour of a belief system.

Always collect your own data and be sure 100% within!

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Haunted Scotland
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